Pokemon Go players stunned as trainer nerfs their own Shadow Mewtwo for the greater good

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go shadow mewtwo

Purifying Shadow Pokemon is frowned upon by a majority of Pokemon Go players, but a trainer has shocked everyone by Purifying not one, not two, but six Shadow Mewtwo, giving a “wholesome” reason for their act.

Shadow Pokemon are among the most sought-after and strongest species in Pokemon Go, as they offer a 20% boost to damage output in PvP and PvE battles. Though they also take 20% more damage in return from opponents, the sheer power of these Pokemon makes them an asset in the meta.

That’s not all, as these species often dish out more DPS (Damage Per Second) than even Mega Evolutions, as well as 100 IV Pokemon, so players usually don’t Purify their best Shadows.

But a trainer has surprised the community by purifying six of arguably the most powerful Shadow in the mobile game, Shadow Mewtwo, but it looks like they have a very valid reason for doing so, getting applauded by many in the process.

The player in question is Reddit user ‘HalfMeHalfLife,’ who posted a screengrab of their six Purified Mewtwo and wrote: “I didn’t want them to be sad.”

The post captured the attention of several Pokemon Go players curious as to why the OP would do such a thing.

Users joked: “This is the greatest post I’ve ever seen in here thank you OP for just wanting to watch the world burn [off] this sub enjoy your Happy Mewtwos my friend,” and “Your Mewtwos are happy but you’ve made the sub sad.”

When a fan asked: “What was the motive?” another replied: “Lore wise, shadow Pokémon are in pain. OP must be a person who values the lore of training Pokémon more than the value they give in battle. It’s their game after all.”

What followed was a good number of appreciative comments such as: “Wholesome” as well as “OP you are a mad man. I love it.”

A player also added another valid reason in the comments: “I Purified my Shadow Mewtwo because Purified dex is a thing.”

While a few users trolled the OP for their decision, many came to the OP’s support by writing: “Before anyone complains: It’s their choice what to do with the Pokemon they have caught.”

Shadow Pokemon are presumed to be more powerful, but in some instances, the Purified/normal version has the edge, such as a Purified Lugia performs better in the Master League than a Shadow variant.

And ultimately, it’s certainly the trainer’s choice about what they want to do with their catches in Pokemon Go.

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