Pokemon Go players slam Niantic for dropping Shadow Mewtwo at worst possible time

Lucas Simons
Shadow Mewtwo Pokemon Go

Legendary Shadow Raids are one of the most anticipated events in Pokemon Go, and trainers are complaining that these “always” drop during important holidays.

Pokemon Go players should know by now that most of the events happen during weekends. Still, trainers are angry at Niantic for dropping an important event such as Shadow Mewtwo during the Easter weekend.

Pokemon trainers feel disappointed and frustrated since they believe it was the “worst possible time” to drop such a popular Legendary Pokemon into the game. Some users, like ‘Dragonmas7er5,’ have begun to take those complaints to Reddit: “Is it just me or is this whole Mewtwo event absolutely trash like this is the worst weekend to put him in the game, Easter???”

The OP also mentioned that Shadow Raids are also really limiting, since they are 100% on-site, and do not allow Remote Raid Passes. The feelings of frustration are shared by most of the users who stated that they think the timeframe for Shadow Mewtwo was “totally amiss.”

Other players also believe important events should not coincide with the holidays: “Like it’s like they don’t even try because every damn year there’s an awfully timed event,” a frustrated player expressed. “I get not everyone celebrates Easter, Christmas, Valentines Day, or whatever other holiday, but they always schedule it on the same day. Niantic is terrible with events and timing.”

So if you want to stay up to date with the next events and be prepared beforehand, we suggest you take a look at our Spotlight Hour Schedule, and this is the list of all upcoming Raids during this month.

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