Easy Pokemon Go mistake costs players huge damage buff to best Ice-type attacker

Niladri Sarkar
mamoswine with pokemon go ice-type background

Shadow Mamoswine is the #1 Ice-type attacker in Pokemon Go and trainers have highlighted a glaring mistake many make with high IV versions of this devastatingly powerful species.

Mamoswine has always been a top-tier pick in Pokemon Go, using its powerful Ice-type attacks to defeat the toughest Dragon-type Pokemon in Raids and the Go Battle League.

That said, Shadow Mamoswine is a different monster altogether thanks to its huge offensive potential, but players are making a huge mistake with it – purifying the coveted Pokemon.

When Reddit user ‘Realistic_Optimist_’ posted about catching a Hundo Shadow Swinub from a Team Go Rocket Grunt and called it their “new prized possession,” other trainers could only marvel at the OP’s mind-boggling capture.

They lauded the OP and suggested evolving it to Mamoswine and maxing it out, as apart from being the absolute best Ice-type attacker in Pokemon Go, it is a great Ground type as well.

But, what stood out was a stern comment that read: “Don’t purify it I’m telling you.” This prompted a new player to ask why Shadow Pokemon shouldn’t be purified when doing so increases the Combat Power (CP).

To this, a player replied, “Shadow Pokemon have 20% more base attack, which means for most relevant raiders, 0iv shadow has more DPS (Damage Per Second) than its 100iv non-shadow counterpart.”

Many pointed out the OP got it “just in time” for the upcoming Mega Rayquaza Elite Raids on June 29, 2024, giving time to max it out and unlock Avalanche as the Second Charged Move. Keep in mind that the existing move, Frustration, can’t be removed until a Team Go Rocket event.

So, Powder Snow and Avalanche are all you need to make the most of this “top-level monster” while Frustration can later be changed to High Horsepower to make it function as a powerful Ground-type, although you’ll need the Fast Move Mud-Slap for that.

If you’re looking to add more powerhouses to your team in Pokemon Go, check out how to get the Dusk Mane and Dawn Wings fusions of Necrozma in Go Fest 2024.

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