Pokemon Go players want “stupid” Shadow Raid feature removed after frustrating glitch

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go shadow ho-oh enraged in raid battle

A common glitch in Pokemon Go Shadow Raids has trainers furious as they can’t complete the battle. Now, the community is asking devs Niantic to get rid of a core Shadow Raid mechanic altogether.

Shadow Raids in Pokemon Go have been slammed by players due to a frequent glitch that prevents Purified Gems from calming down the enraged Raid Boss and defeating the OP Shadow Pokemon.

Now, after no fixes to the frustrating bug for months, trainers like Reddit user ‘Breezer_Pindakaas’ are sick and tired of how impossibly difficult Shadow Raids have become. This prompted the OP to post: “Just remove the shadow raid gem mechanic already.”

Fellow trainers took to the comments section to back the OP’s post and stated that the Shadow Raids themselves have many issues to begin with.

“This whole system is insanely difficult for no reason. First you need the stupid gems to start with, that demands you and another player (when he’s available) to grind the whole week after the GO Rocket grunts (in a positive scenario, you’ll have to fight like 20 times in order to get only 10 gems),” a user wrote.

Others called the purified gem mechanics “stupid” and a “gameplay failure” as many claimed that they ran out of Gems during Shadow Mewtwo Raids in March 2024, even though they didn’t work on the enraged Boss.

That’s not all as some trainers also lost their Raid Passes after the Shadow Raid ended unsuccessfully. You should know that a Shadow Raid cannot be battled remotely, and requires in-person access, leaving fans more frustrated as their efforts go unrewarded.

A few have even quit doing these battles altogether, while others said that they want nothing to do with them anymore. “I would love Niantic to remove the Shadow Raid gem mechanic from the game,” a player remarked.

It remains to be seen if the Purified Gem glitch is sorted in Pokemon Go, but till then, you can grab other powerful Shadow species from Team Go Rocket and their boss Giovanni.