Pokemon Go players reveal fix for long-running Raid bug ahead of Shadow Mewtwo

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go shadow mewtwo raid

With Shadow Mewtwo Pokemon Go Raids just around the corner, players are concerned about a major bug with the battle. But, there’s a foolproof fix that makes these challenging Raids stress-free.

Shadow Mewtwo is one of the strongest additions to Pokemon Go but taking on its Raids is daunting, thanks to how difficult they are compared to regular Pokemon Raid battles.

But, players are often unable to beat Shadow Raids due to a common bug that disables Purified Gems, the items that calm down the enraged Raid Boss, with many losing a few of these prized assets after the bout.

This was highlighted by Reddit user ‘skewtr’ who mentioned that despite devs Niantic addressing the bug in an old tweet, it still affects players during Shadow Raids. They also added that with Shadow Mewtwo Raids coming up, Niantic needs to sort it out ASAP.

A user wrote, “Really disheartening all the bugs with shadow legendary raids. It’s hard enough to get people for random weekend in-person only raids only for stuff like this to happen.”

Trainers agreed with the OP that this is a matter of concern for Shadow Mewtwo Raids, but one fan shared a fix to avoid this issue altogether.

“Do not overlap purified gems when applying. In a duo, if you just spam them, it won’t subdue the Pokemon. However, if you wait a few seconds before applying a second gem, you’ll almost certainly get a real application for the necessary 8,” they said before adding that the tactic has required nine gems between two players and has never failed them.

Several players confirmed that the tip is legit, and worked for them perfectly in the past, with one pointing out: “When enraged we attack a bit longer then all stop attacking and each feed a gem. The gem button greys out when you do.”

Shadow Mewtwo Raids will be available in Pokemon Go Raids between March 30, 2024, and March 31, 2024. Make sure you follow the tips shared to catch this iconic Legendary easily.

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