Pokemon Go players share simple tips to beat Shadow Mewtwo Raids with ease

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go legendary shadow mewtwo raid

With a chance to catch the one-and-only Shadow Mewtwo in Pokemon Go, players are worried about how they can beat the challenging Shadow Raids. Luckily, a few trainers have revealed some quick tips to defeat the iconic Legendary.

March 2024 has been an exciting time for all Pokemon Go players, as the month featured Pokemon debuts, powerful Megas and Legendaries in Raids, a new Go Battle League season, Primal Raid Days, and so much more!

Regardless of how much you enjoyed the game at this time, you can rest assured you’ll sign off the month in style as the powerful Shadow Mewtwo takes over Raids for only two days, posing a huge challenge to both veterans and newbies.

With so much at stake, fans want to make sure they make the most of the opportunity and grab the OP Legendary without fail.

So, when a Reddit user named ‘beingRealFrank’ asked how challenging Shadow Mewtwo Raids would be, several users joined the comments section to share tips on how to beat the Raid Boss easily.

Right off the bat, players pointed out that the best counter for Shadow Mewtwo is up for grabs. “Mega Tyranitar is in raids. You should have a bunch of good counters.”

You should know that Mega Tyranitar boasts jaw-dropping stats, an excellent moveset, and resists Shadow Mewtwo’s strongest attacks in Pokemon Go, making it the go-to counter, closely followed by Hydreigon.

Mega Tyranitar Raids run until March 21, 2024; some players have even shown how to solo it. Make sure it has the Charged Move Brutal Swing when facing Shadow Mewtwo.

pokemon go shadow mewtwo
Shadow Mewtwo gets a 20% boost to its damage output in PvP and PvE battles while losing 20% bulk.

Others suggested including Giratina Origin and Mewtwo with Shadow Ball, in case Shadow Mewtwo uses Focus Blast.

A trainer wrote, “As long your group has their counters prepared ahead of time, and especially if you use Party Play and purified gems, you should be good with 5-10 trainers,” as fans chipped in that using Purified Gems can make the job easier.

To make Shadow Mewtwo Raids a breeze, check out how the Party Play feature can help. Also, look at the best counters for another OP Legendary in Pokemon Go, Primal Groudon.