Pokemon Go players share code for free Purified Gems

Lucas Simons
Shadow Mewtwo Pokemon Go

Trainers have been concerned about the Purified Gem bug that could ruin their chances of getting Shadow Mewtwo, and some players have shared a code to boost their chances of getting one.

Pokemon Go players have been dealing with a lot of content since the World of Wonders season began, and now, with the Taken Over event, Shadow Mewtwo has made its return to the game.

But an annoying bug concerning Purified Shadow Gems has resurfaced, and though players have found a temporary solution for it, trainers are still worried about encountering this issue and missing their chance to get the Legendary Psychic Pokemon.

So, after a successful ad campaign from Niantic, the devs have divulged to participants a series of codes to redeem certain Shadow Raid-related items. Among those, Purified Shadow Gems needed to defeat the powerful Shadow Mewtwo.

And thanks to a member of the TheSilphRoad community, we have a code to redeem 10 free Purified Gems, and trainers need to follow these steps to claim it:

  • Visit the Store Code Redemption site.
  • Enter the code: 7B3ELFUMKLP4G.
  • You’ll receive a message in-game when the items are added.

Players have also confirmed that these Purified Shadow Gems can stack over the amount limit in your inventory: “Normally you can carry up to 10 Gems. But I can confirm you can have 20 at the same time after you claim this code,” stated a player.

And there you have it, make sure not to “overlap” the uses of your Purified Gems when participating in Raids, and good luck catching those shiny Shadow Mewtwo.

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