Pokemon Go players divided over infuriating hundo catch

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go hundo salamence

Getting a 100 IV species in Pokemon Go is one of the most desired catches for any Pokemon Go player. When a lucky trainer captured a hundo Salamence but with a twist, the community couldn’t decide if the trainer was “very lucky or very unlucky.”

In their quest to catch em’ all, Pokemon Go fans look to catch the strongest and best Pokemon in the mobile game. And when it comes to gaining a competitive edge in PvE and Master League PvP battles, there’s nothing better than 100 IV species, also known as a ‘hundo’ among the Pokemon Go community.

But a catch of a hundo Salamence was met with both hilarity and confusion, as the captured Pokemon came with a rather awkward “super rare” situation.

Reddit user ‘DepressedRifle’ shared a post that showed a 100 IV Salamence caught in Pokemon Go. While the Pokemon is definitely worth flexing as Salamence is a rare and powerful Pseudo Legendary species, the OP was in disbelief as it’s only a level 1 species with 53 CP.

The OP wrote: “No words. How is this even possible?” as the post sparked several comments by users who couldn’t figure out what to do with the rare catch.

After the OP asked if the Salamence was “worth maxing” when they already “have a hundo Garchomp to max,” fellow players were split. A user jokingly wrote: “I’m not sure if you are very lucky or very unlucky.”

Other users mentioned: “Salamence is a really good Dragon type” as well as: “It’s worth it my Salamence kicks butt in Raids.”

More people suggested the OP max it out and then “Mega Evolve it,” since Mega Salamence is a top-notch Pokemon to use in PvE. That said, many felt that it was too much investment of resources like Stardust, especially when Mega Salamence gets “outclassed” by Mega Garchomp.

Funnily enough, many pointed out that a level 1 hundo is rarer than a maxed-out version as some comments read that “a level 1 hundo Salamence is a much cooler (and likely a much less common) trophy than a maxed one IMO” and “You actually caught a level 1 hundo? Super rare.”

But perhaps the most constructive suggestion came from a user who wrote: “Do what you want dude. These people in the comment section don’t play the game for fun anymore.”

Regardless of whether the Salemence ends up getting powered up or remains at level 1, it goes without saying that this was certainly a unique catch for the OP.

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