Pokemon Go players share simple tips to get Best Buddies faster

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go squirtle as a best buddy

Best Buddies are one of the most rewarding parts of Pokemon Go but getting them is now easier than ever, thanks to these tips revealed by some players.

The best picks in Pokemon Go can be made better for PvP and PvE by making them your Best Buddies but this is easier said than done as you’ll have to complete several tasks with your Pokemon to unlock that achievement.

While most trainers like ‘sparker31keeper’ find this grueling, they can now rejoice as several players have revealed how to get Best Buddies quickly in the user’s Reddit post about how the entire Buddy process is “absolute insanity,” referring to a task in the shiny Jirachi Masterwork Research.

Right off the bat, a trainer mentioned how they get six Buddy Hearts a day for 10 different Pokemon.

“[Take] a screenshot, playing, feeding him and then you can go to the battle tab and go down to training and start that battle with your buddy and tap once and the end it right away for three more hearts.”

Another added, “If you do battles vs the leaders with them (you can just resign to speed it up) That bumps it up to 6 hearts. Less than two months to best buddy,” surprising many as they didn’t know they could quit the Team Leader battle for the Hearts.

While Poffins are usually the way to go to speed up the process, others revealed that getting Buddies excited and earning double Hearts is also possible without using a single Poffin.

“Every 30 minutes you can do quick tasks to raise your buddy’s emotion level. I get my buddy excited within the first two hours of every morning,” a user explained.

You should know that Best Buddies are tankier and do more damage in Pokemon Go Raids and PvP battles.

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