Pokemon Go players share tips to quit battles fast as “tanking” takes over PvP

Ezequiel Leis
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The Pokemon Go Battle League is plagued with players tanking battles instead of actually fighting, so many trainers are looking for the best ways to quit faster than their opponents.

Pokemon Go Battle League is the PvP format for the mobile game where players can battle trainers all around the world to rank up and get better rewards. However, for many seasons now, players have been asking Niantic to rework the whole system due to many players “tanking” matches.

Tanking consists of abandoning a certain amount of battles each day so the matchmaking system places you against weaker opponents, making it easy to win and get Rank rewards. Some Pokemon Go trainers have shared entire guides to perfect tanking strategies because playing Go Battle League the way it’s intended offers way less rewards and “feels like a waste of time.”

Now, Reddit user ‘Foulmouth232’ shared a meme showing the best way to tank matches “faster than your opponent” for players looking to stay on top of the current meta.

While some players have been tanking for a while, others are trying it for the first time this season. One Reddit user stated, “This. Is. More. FUN. Than I expected,” and another added, “Competitive tanking is something I never considered.”

A Pokemon Go trainer joked “The tanking meta is going deeper,” and others explained that the OP’s advice is good, considering many players are currently tanking since the GBL season just started.

One player shared some advice to new tankers: “Tank AFTER you advance to rank 20 or so. Speedrunners need the loss to keep their later matchups easier and get to rank 20 faster. If you’re only trying to farm for rare candies and encounters, just forfeit at your leisure, grab whatever free wins you get along the way.”

GBL rewards players with almost the same encounters each season, which is not very enticing to players. Most trainers are focused on earning Rare Candy and Stardust, so tanking is the best strategy to reach those rewards fast. Recently, Pokemon Go added special rewards for players completing a certain amount of PokeStops, so some players are hopeful GBL will refresh its rewards at some point.

We’ll keep you updated with the latest Pokemon Go news, so in the meantime, you can check out how to get Cap’s Hat Pikachu in Pokemon Go or how to beat the Primal Kyogre and Primal Groudon Raids.

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