Genius Pokemon Go Poffin trick unlocks free Mega & Primal Energy

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go mega and primal energy

Getting extra Mega or Primal Energy for your favorite Pokemon Go picks is pretty daunting, but a few players have shared a simple trick to unlock them without doing more Raids.

Mega Evolution and Primal Reversion in Pokemon Go turns some of your favorite Pokemon into absolute powerhouses for PvP and PvE, surpassing the likes of many Legendaries.

Players then battle Raids repeatedly to get more Megas and Primals of the same species. Now, this grind is a thing of the past as a user named ‘gtshteve’ wrote, “PSA you can pop a Poffin right before 20km on Groudon/Kyogre to get 200 Primal Energy” in a Reddit post that stunned many trainers who were unaware of this trick.

The trick also works for Mega Energy gains, so you should use a Poffin just before completing the Buddy distance, such as 4.9km for 5km Pokemon like Salamence or Tyranitar.

Others explained the process: “You need to have already done the reversion (or mega evolution) once to generate mega/primal energy when walking,” while also stressing, “The one being walked only needs to be the same species and doesn’t need any active mega level.”

Trainers highlighted that many additions like Mega Tyranitar and Mega Garchomp excel in two different types, so this tip would help them build Pokemon with moves of both types.

The community has often slammed the rigorous grind of gaining Candy XL for Legendaries, but not anymore, as a player explained:

“Poffins halve the requirements to get a candy – so for Legendaries, it goes from 20km to 10km. If you’re at 19.5km (or anything over 10km) and you pop a Poffin, you instantly get credit for the 10km, earning you a candy, and you still have 9.5/10km for the next candy.”

By using this simple trick, you can now create solid teams to dominate the Pokemon Go meta and earn plenty of rewards more easily than ever.