Pokemon Go players can earn over 300,000 XP in a minute during this event

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go xp gains on game screen

By taking advantage of a popular event in May 2024, Pokemon Go trainers grab more than 300k XP in no time, making it easier to cross levels.

Collecting XP is a basic yet important part of Pokemon Go, and players grind Raids, take on the Go Battle League, and catch hundreds of Pokemon to farm XP each day. Now, you can unlock more than a whopping 300,000 XP in less than 60 seconds on a certain occasion in May 2024.

The last stage of the Rediscover Kanto Special Research rewards you 15,100 XP for each of the tasks, giving you a total of 45,300 XP. Also, the Abra Spotlight Hour on May 14 features a bonus of 2x XP for evolving any Pokemon during the event.

You can keep some evolvable Pokemon in store and catch plenty of Abra during its Spotlight Hour to evolve them. Remember that evolution in Pokemon Go gives you 1000 XP and with the event bonus giving you double XP gains of 2000 XP for each evolution, having even five reserves will get you 20,000 XP along with a Lucky Egg, an item which also gives you double XP.

That’s not all, as having even a Best Friend haul waiting to be unlocked in your list gets you 100,000 XP. Adding up all these bonuses and dropping a Lucky Egg will get you more than 300,000 XP within a minute, and you can even get a million XP if you save a few extra Best Friends and evolve more Pokemon.

This was also highlighted in a Reddit post by user ‘ToastyEdward’ who is eagerly looking forward to getting huge XP gains from the Kanto Rediscover Special Research and a Best Friend.

A user said, “I didn’t even know that worked for the tasks, cool” as they wrongly assumed Lucky Egg bonuses to be applicable on XP from catches alone.

Any Special Research rewarding XP, like the Kanto quest, has unlimited time to complete and so, it opens doors for huge gains when paired with events like Spotlight Hour and Friendship bonuses.

“Would also be a good idea to wait until you hit best friends with someone to save resources! The quest isn’t going anywhere,” a trainer wrote.

With Go Fest 2024 and debuting Ultra Beasts like Blacephalon and Stakataka on the horizon, Pokemon Go players would be looking to power up many fan favorites, so grabbing more XP before these events is amazing.

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