Pokemon Go’s “crazy” Medal grind is taking players years to complete

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go gold medal

Earning Medals in Pokemon Go is a highly sought-after grind as they unlock bonuses and give bragging rights. However, some of these feats are extremely difficult to achieve and may take a decade or more!

Those that require you to catch 2500 Pokemon of a certain type are grueling, but doable in a few months or a year, and ultimately, they’re worth the effort. However, some Medals, such as those mentioned by user ‘Chiefster21’ in a Reddit post, are too tedious, long, and grindy for the reward.

The trainer said that tasks like catching all species of any of the regions or beating Giovanni 50 times call for spending so much time and money, they’re “crazy.”

The post prompted fans to talk about perhaps the most popular of the bunch, the Ace Trainer Medal.

“The Ace Trainer medal has to be the least rewarding optional grind I’ve seen in a modern video game,” a player wrote before adding that the 1000 tiny Rattata Medal isn’t even grindable now, since this previously common spawn is pretty difficult to find.

Keep in mind that catching XXS Rattata won’t count and you need those weighing less than 2.41kg to register progress for this popular Medal.

Others were in the same boat regarding the “terrible” Ace Trainer Medal and groaned at how winning trainer battles against the Team Leaders takes too much time each day. Funnily enough, some players didn’t realize they had to win to progress in the Medal and not just participate with the Buddies.

To this, another added: “200 best buddies is also an evil grind.” This led trainers to point out that this “incredibly difficult” one may take several years or even more than a decade to complete.

While Best Buddies are bound to take a long time, one user highlighted another lengthy process that surprised the playerbase. They said, “To get all the Raid Medals requires a minimum of 4000 Raids. At one per day that’d take something like 12 years,” leaving many shocked.

If you want to make quick progress in the Ace Trainer Medal, battle using Pokemon with strong Fast Moves and cheap Charged Moves, such as Lucario, Machamp, and Garchomp.