Simple Pokemon Go tips to complete “ridiculous” Zygarde grind in no time

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go species zygarde 10% in the anime

Collecting Candy for Zygarde is a nightmare in Pokemon Go but a few trainers have revealed some easy tricks to get them as soon as possible.

Farming Zygarde Cells to get all forms of the Gen 6 Legendary in Pokemon Go was quite a task but recent updates have made it easier than before. But, trainers have another challenge with this iconic Pokemon – getting Candies for it.

Without Candies, Zygarde 100% or any of its forms can’t be powered up, making it hard to win matches in the Ultra and Master League, leaving everyone frustrated.

One such player is Reddit user ‘CallMePoro” who posted: “I don’t wanna walk 5360KM to level this guy up” and showed the high Candy requirements for their Zygarde 10%.

The post prompted players to call the Zygarde grind the “most ridiculous thing” in Pokemon Go, but several users came to the rescue with suggestions for gathering Candy without stress. To begin with, one stated that using a Poffin frequently reduces the distance by 2680km.

Another player wrote, “Every rare candy is 20km off the total. Make a great league team to farm candy early on, do 1 star raids around you, and 3 star.” They further recommended using Poffins at “19.5ish/20km to get 2 candies instead of one.”

To this, a fan mentioned that even three Rare Candies from a single Raid make up for 60km of walking. Also, grabbing Rare Candies from the Go Battle League was a popular tip, especially the tanking strategy.

“You can just lose all your matches for [a] few days and after that, you should have easier matches,” a PvP player explained, as GBL tanking has helped many farm tons of Rare Candy.

After collecting regular Candy for Zygarde, you can find XL Candies and Cells by following Routes in Pokemon Go. Until then, you can add other powerhouses to your teams by catching the Dusk Mane and Dawn Wings fusions of Necrozma in Go Fest 2024.

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