Pokemon Go Inbound from Ultra Space Timed Research tasks & rewards

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go inbound from ultra space event

Ultra Beasts (UBs) have taken over Pokemon Go 5-Star Raids in the Inbound from Ultra Space event but players can even catch them from a couple of exciting Timed Research quests.

Featuring both free and paid versions, these quests are a great opportunity to catch plenty of these mysterious Pokemon and power them up.

If you are eager to find out all the details of the event’s Timed Research, here’s all you need to know.

Free Timed Research

Inbound from Ultra Space Timed Research (1/1)

Win 2 RaidsBlacephalon encounter
Win 3 RaidsStakataka encounter
Win 4 RaidsGuzzlord encounter
Win 5 RaidsNihilego encounter
Win 6 RaidsKartana encounter
Win 7 RaidsCelesteela encounter
Win 8 RaidsXurkitree encounter
Win 9 RaidsBuzzwole encounter
Win 10 RaidsPheromosa encounter

Completing this quest will reward you with 3x XL Candy for Buzzwole, Pheromosa, and Xurkitree.

Remember that you can win any Raids to complete these tasks and since these UBs are all guaranteed catches, you can use a Pinap Berry to earn bonus Candy for them. Also, an Excellent Throw increases the chances of getting XL Candy from the catch.

While 1 and 3-Star Raids can be completed quickly, Guzzlord Raids can be done solo in Cloudy in-game weather if you use strong Fairy and Fighting-type counters like Mega Gardevoir, Xerneas, Togekiss, Lucario, Machamp, and Terrakion. With the Remote Raid Pass usage limit increased to 20 during the event, you can do these battles remotely as well.

Blacephalon, Nihilego, Kartana, and Xurkitree are all top-tier Raid counters, each sporting high DPS (Dame Per Second) figures. On the other hand, Guzzlord is a menace in the Great and Ultra League.

ultra beasts coming out of an ultra wormhole in pokemon go
UBs featured in this event can’t be caught by Beast Balls.

Paid Timed Research

Inbound from Ultra Space Premium Timed Research (1/1)

Win 2 Raids5x Blacephalon Candy XL
Win 3 Raids5x Stakataka Candy XL
Win 4 Raids5x Nihilego Candy XL
Win 5 Raids5x Guzzlord Candy XL
Win 6 Raids5x Kartana Candy XL
Win 7 Raids5x Celesteela Candy XL
Win 8 Raids5x Xurkitree Candy XL
Win 9 Raids5x Buzzwole Candy XL
Win 10 Raids5x Pheromosa Candy XL

Completing this quest will reward you with 10x Cosmog Candy, 2024 Stardust, and 1x Star Piece.

Candy XLs are hard to come by, so buying this ticket is worthwhile if you’re looking to max out your Ultra Beasts.

Note that this paid ticket costs $5 (or the equivalent pricing in your local currency) and is available in the in-game Shop.


The Inbound from Ultra Space event will run until Saturday, July 13, 2024, at 10 AM local time. Starting from July 8, each day will feature a different Ultra Beast in 5-Star Raids.

Those caught from beating Raids have a chance of having a special background while the UBs caught from the free Timed Research will not have that addition.

As you hunt for UBs, keep a lookout for Ultra Wormholes appearing above Gyms and take advantage of the Party Play feature to easily beat the difficult Raids.