How to get Ditto in Pokemon Go (July 2024)

Ezequiel Leis
Ditto on a beach in Pokemon Go

Ditto is a unique addition to Pokemon Go that is extremely hard to find thanks to its shape-shifting abilities that can turn it into various species. This makes it a very rare find.

To catch this iconic Pokemon, you need to look out for its latest disguises. So, here’s everything you need to know about catching Ditto in the mobile game, including its shiny properties.

How to catch Ditto

You can get Ditto by catching wild spawns of its possible disguises. You won’t know you’ve caught it until it transforms into its real form after a successful capture.

ditto in the pokemon anime
Ditto is a pure Normal-type Pokemon introduced in Gen 1.

All disguises in July 2024

OddishOddish sprite in Pokemon GoKantoGen 1
KoffingKoffing sprite in Pokemon GoKantoGen 1
Rhyhorn Rhyhorn sprite in Pokemon GoKantoGen 1
GoldeenGoldeen sprite in Pokemon GoKantoGen 1
SpinarakSpinarak sprite in Pokemon GoJohtoGen 2
NumelNumel sprite in Pokemon GoHoennGen 3
BidoofBidoof sprite in Pokemon GoUnovaGen 5
GothitaGothita sprite in Pokemon GoUnovaGen 5
SolosisSolosis sprite in Pokemon GoUnovaGen 5
BergmiteBergmite sprite in Pokemon GoKalosGen 6
StuffulStufful sprite in Pokemon GoAlolaGen 7

New seasons and events can change Ditto’s disguises, so be sure to check out this list regularly to always know which Pokemon Ditto turns into.

Tips to catch Ditto

Know Ditto disguises and use Radar

The best way to catch a Ditto is to know all its disguises. With that information, you can check the Pokemon Radar in the bottom right corner of the screen to see if you’re close to any of those species.

You should know that there’s a 2% chance for all wild encounters to be a Ditto so even after knowing the disguises, stumbling upon it could be a long process.

Lure Ditto

While there isn’t a guaranteed way to get a Ditto straight away, you can still use items like Incense and Lures to increase the chances. You can directly activate Incenses from your bag but Lure Modules only work when placed in PokeStops or Gyms.

Do note that Pokemon Go has a weather boost function too and Ditto has a higher spawn rate in partly cloudy weather. This is naturally the best time to activate your Incenses and Lure Modules.

The Daily Adventure Incenses are also great for increasing the odds of rare encounters like the Galarian Legendary birds, and while you’re moving continuously for the Incense’s 15-minute duration, make sure to capture all the spawns that can be Ditto disguises.

Interact with other players

As it turns out, Ditto spawns similarly for everyone, implying that if one person catches it, all other trainers in the same spot will also get the same encounter. Common spawns do not last long and you must be quick to reach the desired location.

To make the most of the hunting time, you can activate items like Lucky Egg and Star Piece that increase XP and Stardust received after catching a species.

Shiny Pokemon are never Ditto

A shiny Ditto is revealed only after you’ve caught it, implying that a shiny Pokemon that can be a disguise is never a Ditto.

Ditto and shiny Ditto roaming around in Pokemon Go
Ditto is banned from the Go Battle League.

Can Ditto be shiny?

Yes, shiny Ditto is available, but players can’t be sure if they’ve found it until they successfully catch one.

Remember that shiny Ditto is blue and has 1/64 odds of being shiny.

Can Ditto hatch from an Egg?

No, you cannot get Ditto by hatching any Egg available in the game. The only way to obtain this unique species is by heading into the wild and capturing disguised spawns.

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