Pokemon Go players furious as Niantic ‘forget’ much-awaited event shinies

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go shiny espeon and shiny umbreon

The Lustrous Odyssey event in Pokemon Go promised the shiny versions of Espeon and Umbreon in the wild but fans have yet to come across them, even days after the much-hyped event started in the mobile game.

After the announcement of the Lustrous Odyssey event in Pokemon Go, players were on the edge of their seats to get the iconic Dusk Form Lycanroc in their collection, but the rarity of a Rockruff that could evolve into the said Pokemon took many off-guard.

But it looks like that isn’t the only bummer as fans cannot find two highly sought-after shinies that were supposed to be available in the wild during the event. Now, they are calling out devs Niantic who seemingly “forgot” the two shiny Pokemon.

After a Reddit user named ‘AnotherRedditor-38’ shared the “I think I forgot something” meme referencing the lack of wild shiny Espeon and Umbreon in the event and stated: “I can’t believe Niantic forgot this,” several users joined the comments section, trolling Niantic for the goof.

Frustrated Pokemon Go players wrote: “I can’t believe I actually believed the announcement” and “Now that explains why on every shiny check I did, I never got a shiny.”

Some trainers assumed it could be a mistake by Niantic. “Have you ever known this could’ve been a Niantic mistake even saying they would be available? Just like the times they said that Shiny Skwovet was available from the GBL,” a fan commented.

To this, a player clarified: “If it was an incorrect announcement they could’ve updated the blog immediately, but it still shows them as shiny-eligible.”

Additionally, the concerns with Dusk Form Lycanroc and the shinies of these two Eeveelutions led some trainers to slam the event altogether.

“The spawns and bonuses are just so lame that it barely looks like an event,” one user mentioned before another added: “Wait, these are event spawns? I thought we were in standard spawn time.”

Players should note that the official post for the event still features shiny Espeon and Umbreon among the wild spawns and they hope to find at least one of these two iconic shinies before the event ends on January 10.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for other great additions to your Pokemon Go team, here’s how to get Frigibax and Larvesta.

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