Pokemon Go players pick best shiny Eevee evolutions to choose

Niladri Sarkar
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Choosing Eevee’s evolution in Pokemon Go confuses even veteran players and when it comes to a shiny Eevee, the decision gets even tougher. But a few trainers have come up with their picks for the best shiny Eeveelution to pick and they couldn’t have been better.

The Eeveelutions are some of the most sought-after Pokemon in Pokemon Go and fans spare no effort in adding all of them to their Pokedex. But choosing the right evolution for a shiny Eevee is a different ballgame altogether.

While the community usually picks their go-to Eeveelution based on their PvP and PvE relevance, or just because some of them are fan favorites, these factors add up to more in the case of a shiny Eevee.

So though there’s no single answer to the best shiny Eevee evolution in Pokemon Go, a few players have come up with the most obvious choices.

Reddit user ‘No_Office_9301’ shared a screengrab of their shiny Eevee and asked: “What should I evolve him into?” while adding more context to the post with: “My girlfriend somehow got two of these and traded me one. However, now I can’t for the life of me figure out which evolution I want to get. Or if I should just let fate decide.”

The post sparked opinions from several users in the comments section, with each justifying the best Eeveelution to pick for the shiny Eevee in Pokemon Go.

Most users straight off claimed that the best Eevee evolutions were “Umbreon or Sylveon,” as they both “look amazing and are also good in PvP.”

“Sylveon and Umbreon are pretty much the best Eeveelutions. Sylveon is a decent fairy-type attacker in Raids and Umbreon is VERY HIGH on the meta for Great League in PvP,” another fan explained.

While Sylveon and Umbreon score high in the minds of the community due to their meta-relevance as well as aesthetics, it appears that Espeon is not far behind.

Players vouched for Espeon with comments such as: “Fabulous green Espeon would like a word” and “Gotta love radioactive Espeon,” both referring to the stark green coloration of shiny Espeon.

Though Vaporeon and Jolteon had a few fans, the rest of the Eeveelutions don’t seem to make the cut at all since their shinies hardly look any different from their regular versions.

Ultimately, it all boils down to the stats of shiny Eevee. If it has low stats, a shiny Umbreon should be the way to go for the Great League. But if its IVs are high (including a shundo), Sylveon is the most popular choice as it can be used for the Master League and Raids.

If you’re looking to evolve your Eevee in Pokemon Go, be sure to drop a Lucky Egg during the evolution for boosted XP and the Buddy requirements to earn more Candy quickly.

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