Pokemon Go players threaten to skip Enamorus Elite Raids over ‘stupid’ schedule

Niladri Sarkar
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Enamorus Incarnate is making its debut in Pokemon Go Elite Raids but fans have mentioned why they’re not too eager for this long-awaited Legendary and are all set to give them a miss.

There aren’t too many meta-relevant Fairy-types in Pokemon Go so fans often jump at the chance to catch a debuting Fairy Pokemon to dominate Dragons-types in PvP and PvE battles.

So, when the Fairy/Flying-type Enamorus Incarnate was rumored to be added to the game, everyone was beyond excited. But once this Legendary was formally announced for Elite Raids in February 2024, players were no longer as interested as before, and many are not even going to grind them.

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This was evidenced by the flurry of comments on a Reddit post by a user named ‘FAMos’ titled: “Noon to 6:30 on a Wednesday? People have to work.”

They explained further, “Come on Niantic, I’m not going to be able to participate in this, I’ll be working because I have a job like most people.”

Right off the bat, a player slammed the Pokemon Go devs by calling it a “major Niantic f**k up.” When fans learn that these Raids can be tackled in-person only, it prompted them to say, “RIP pogo players living in remote areas I guess.”

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A comment read: “Literally the stupidest idea ever. I wouldn’t mind using a few remotes for this, for this exact reason. I’ll be in the office during the event. Even if I could get away from the office for a bit, fat chance I’m gonna find several other players nearby who can as well.”

As mentioned, many people are giving these Elite Raids a miss. “As a day one player I learned to not let FOMO get to me. In Pokemon Go nothing stays rare and everything comes back eventually so skipping this on Wednesday won’t affect me. I have real life to do.”

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Another added: “It’s shiny locked anyway who cares about this event,” highlighting the fact that Enamorus will be back to Raids in the future alongside its shiny version, making the ring worthwhile.

All this has trainers convinced that it’s not worth spending hours driving and organizing and raiding in person, as they urged Niantic “to listen and create events that run for 1 week but you pick a day and/or time frame.”

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