Pokemon Go devs apologize for Sinnoh Go Tour event major issues

Lucas Simons
Niantic apologizes again

During the Sinnoh Go Tour live event, players experienced delays and errors that hindered their activities, and Niantic has released an official statement apologizing for the issues.

During the Pokemon Go Sinnoh Go Tour live Event, several issues were keeping the players outside of the Live Event activities, and the event was delayed. Niantic have released an official statement to address the issues that occurred during this important day.

The event was supposed to begin at 10 AM on the clock and trainers were approaching the Rose Bowl Stadium ready to enjoy the Pokemon-catching day. However, due to some miscalculations on behalf of the Pokemon Go devs, the live event couldn’t start on time.

The company didn’t explain the issues that caused the delay, but instead, offered to compensate the players by extending the event timer until 8 PM PST, including additional Raids and Wild Pokemon spawns. The extended timer will only apply to city-wide activities and does not include activities inside the Live Event location.

Trainers are now slamming Niantic, accusing the company of “messing up again” and suggesting better ways to apologize to the players, like giving more Remote Raid passes, and free access for other activities.

As for the causes of the issues, some trainers commenting on X (former Twitter) accuse Niantic of overselling, while others blame it on the “poor organization of the event.”

An angry player commenting on Niantic’s official X post said: “They want to make more revenue, but they sabotage themselves from it. Stop blaming players for your shortcomings.” While another participant of the live event stated: “Stop apologizing, start doing your job the right way.”

Live event issues like this one have happened before and include login delays, overcharged queues for Raids, and app crashes, among others. So it is no surprise that players are tired of seeing the devs repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

If you are still participating in the Pokemon Go Sinnoh Tour event, you can check how to beat Palkia Raids, and the best way to take down Dialga in 5-star Raids.

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