Pokemon Go accidentally reveal upcoming shiny Mythicals & new costumed species for 8th anniversary

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go 8th anniversary event

As the 8th anniversary of Pokemon Go draws near, the highlights of the grand event have been leaked and it brings several surprises fans will absolutely love!

Pokemon Go has garnered countless fans worldwide since its inception in 2016, and each year, players enjoy the annual anniversary event bringing several surprises and special featured Pokemon.

Now, players have found leaks about the main highlights of the 8th-anniversary event and it’s better than expected, as shared by user ‘benchromatic’ in a Reddit post that showed classic Gen 1 Pokemon Grimer and Muk with Party Hats, as well as the Mythical Meltan.

While the blog post detailing the event has since been removed and gives a 404 error, some managed to take a quick look and shared their findings in the comments section.

A player commented: “Costume Grimer and Muk, return of Shiny Meltan, and Shiny Celebi Masterwork Research players can purchase.”

Shiny Celebi was earlier up for grabs in 2020 through a Special Research, allowing every Pokemon Go player to catch this rare Mythical. Now, a paid ticket is expected, giving everyone a second chance at capturing it.

A player wrote, “I’m happy they are bringing back the masterwork. Celebi came out right when I started playing and I didn’t know if I’d ever be able to do it so it didn’t buy it. Will definitely buy the ticket now.”

Coming to the other details, this Gen 7 Mythical Meltan is always available through the Meltan Box, but its shiny is limited to special events. The 8th anniversary offers a great opportunity to grab this shiny and evolve it into shiny Melmetal, a formidable force in the Ultra League and Master League.

As you await the official announcement of the 8th-anniversary event of Pokemon Go, check out everything Go Fest 2024 has to offer, including the new shinies and the Dusk Mane and Dawn Wings fusions of Necrozma.

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