Pokemon Go player loses out on “easiest Gym takeover” ever but most wouldn’t hesitate

Niladri Sarkar
baby pokemon go species

Beating Gyms is business as usual in Pokemon Go, but a trainer just couldn’t take one down even though it was all set to host a Mega Raid. The motive behind this left everyone in splits.

The Gym in question was filled with a bunch of Baby Pokemon and the trainer found it impossible to attack these adorable little species, being particularly warmed by seeing a Chingling for the first time.

They shared the screenshot of the Gym’s lineup, prompting fellow trainers to gush over the adorable Pokemon while some made their intentions clear.

Fans called the situation “hilarious” and said that it looked like a daycare. Many admitted they wouldn’t bring themselves to battle these “cute” little Gym Defenders, making one of them joke: “This is how people get their Pokemon stuck in gyms for 2525 days.”

On the other hand, a good number of trainers said they wouldn’t hold themselves back when it comes to beating these Babies, calling it the “easiest gym takeover.”

“As someone who is in need of Pokecoins, I have to do what must be done,” one comment read before another added: “You’re way better than me tbh, I would have taken this as an easy win.”

You should know that such a lineup of Defenders is called ‘Themed Gyms’ among the Pokemon Go community, and often, a group of random trainers painstakingly build them just for the flex. Organizing a set of shinies is another popular theme.

Ultimately, the OP shared an unexpected update. “When I got back there just now, all the Babies were gone!” they wrote, before swearing that it wasn’t them who cleared the Babies. Yet, it was impressive that it managed to stand for more than 21 hours, especially with such a weak lineup.

As you explore Pokemon Go Gyms around you, be sure to look out for Raids hosting Legendaries and Mega Evolutions.