Pokemon Go’s limits on free features are a blessing in disguise despite annoying players constantly

Niladri Sarkar
a pokemon go location with gyms and poke stops

All the free parts of Pokemon Go’s gameplay have some restrictions set by the devs at Niantic. While they seem frustrating and forced, they are done in your best interest.

Pokemon Go has plenty of free-to-play (f2p) features like catching Pokemon, putting them in Gyms to earn PokeCoins, powering your favorites to take on Raids and the Go Battle League, and so much more.

These make up the core mechanics of the game, catering to both new and veteran players alike. That said, all of these features have certain limits imposed on them, and needless to say, the community isn’t fond of them.

While the 50 PokeCoin cap from Gyms each day is well-known, not many are aware of the other limits such as the number of Gyms you can put your Pokemon in or the maximum possible catches per day.

One such trainer is Reddit user ‘RmvblDsk’ who was in for a rude awakening when they discovered that the number of different Gyms a trainer can have Pokemon in at once is 20.

This earned the ire of fellow players who slammed these limits with comments like: “It is funny how they have to set a limit to everything in the game that does not cost you money to do.”

While this seems annoying, it is actually a step in the right direction. For starters, the Gym protects casual players from their hardcore peers, who grind day and night to take over every Gym, leaving nothing for those looking at getting their share of 50 Poke Coins.

Also, this cap prevents single-account spoofers (players using anti-ToS means to change their location) from occupying hundreds of Gyms, prohibiting regular players from enjoying Pokemon Go.

Another added that these rules keep a functional cap on Candy and XL Candy gains for Buddies from Adventure Sync, so players can get them from catching Pokemon as well.

Ultimately, players don’t realize how much worse it would be without the cap, as one wrote: “Limits are put in place to prevent abuse. Not an unreasonable thing.” This ensures fair and healthy gameplay for everyone.

While you try to catch ’em all in Pokemon Go, don’t forget to check out the active Legendaries and Ultra Beasts in Raids, including the new grabs in Go Fest 2024.

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