Pokemon Go Fest brings “one of the best” ever avatar items & players are obsessed

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go fest 2024 alolan exeggutor and necrozma avatar items

Ahead of Go Fest 2024, Pokemon Go has announced new in-game clothing items themed around two iconic Gen 7 species, and players can’t wait to style their avatars with them.

This emerged after Niantic announced a few eye-catching avatar items based on the popular Grass/Dragon-type Alolan Exeggutor and the debuting Legendary in the event, Necrozma.

Available for purchase from July 8, 2024, these outfits caught the attention of several trainers who couldn’t hide their excitement under a Reddit post sharing the news.

Fans were in awe of both Pokemon attires, which include an Alolan Exeggutor Hat and a set of Tops, Pants, Shoes, and Shades inspired by Necrozma.

One wrote, “That Necrozma outfit is one of the best outfits ever released. Gotta give them (Niantic) props for that!” as even those who don’t usually purchase outfits swore that they’re definitely buying the “wicked cool” Necrozma fit.

More users hopped onto the bandwagon and raved about the Alolan Exeggutor attire, stating that it was unbelievable that they “lived for so long without it!”

If this wasn’t enough to indicate how much the Pokemon Go community adored these additions, even inactive players found this the perfect opportunity to return to the game. “Loving the outfits. Time to get back in the game!” a person exclaimed.

The outfits also appear to be a huge hit among those sick of the hideous avatar updates released three months back. Many revealed they are looking forward to using the Necrozma Shades as a “suitable replacement” for Grand Oak’s Glasses, usually used to cover in-game faces after the update.

While the cost required to get these avatar items hasn’t been revealed yet, you can grab PokeCoins by placing your Pokemon in several Gyms and purchasing them from the Shop on July 8. You can buy Coins at a lower price from the Webstore.