Pokemon Go Diancie Research convinces players paid Mythical quests are useless

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go mythical diancie special research

The announcement of a free Pokemon Go Diancie Special Research for all trainers has shed light on a major issue with the paid version of the same quest featured in Go Fest 2023.

Pokemon Go players can get a Diancie through free Special Research available globally on May 1, 2024, after the Mythical Pokemon was previously limited to a paid version in Go Fest 2023.

This has brought attention to a worrying trend that has been constant for every Mythical except Shaymin, and that is paying for them and then eventually seeing the species available for free. Also, those who caught one from Go Fest aren’t given a second Mythical from the free quest and only get Candy instead.

Players opting for the paid version aren’t even guaranteed to get a Pokemon with good stats as the IV floor for Mythicals caught through Special Research is just 10/10/10. It all boils down to FOMO (fear of missing out) as there’s no extra perk for the one other trainers will eventually get without any money spent.

The situation is so dire that fans who joined the comments section of a Reddit post by user ‘Amiibofan101’ talking about the upcoming global Diancie Research felt they were getting “punished” for buying Go Fest tickets.

Trainers pointed out that there was absolutely no benefit of paying for the ticket except getting them early and with IVs mostly on the lower side, they aren’t even worth it for PvP and Raids.

This has everyone worried about how devs Niantic will handle other popular Mythicals. “There are some tickets that give you one and you get another with everybody. We don’t know what’ll happen with Keldeo,” a trainer wrote.

Their woes don’t end there as even those excited about the free Diancie are certain that getting enough Mega Energy for it will be a “huge pain.”

With Go Fest 2024 featuring Marshadow as the new Mythical, the Pokemon Go community would hope for a second one to be catchable once its Special Research is available for everyone down the line.