Pokemon Go players slam “disappointing” shiny Mythicals after year-long grind

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go mythical shiny jirachi from masterwork research

Guaranteed shiny Mythicals are available from paid Masterwork Research quests in Pokemon Go but players have one major concern about these prized catches.

Legendary and Mythical Pokemon are some of the most powerful and sought-after grabs in Pokemon Go. While most Legendaries can be caught by beating 5-Star Raids, some are also available in the wild.

However, catching Mythicals is a different ballgame altogether as they’re exclusively available from Special Research quests. That’s not all as Pokemon Go players can even get guaranteed shinies of Mythicals, through a long and grueling Masterwork Research.

While fans are undoubtedly happy with these assured shiny catches, there’s still one huge problem with these shiny Mythicals that has made players feel the grind is not worthwhile.

A Reddit user named ‘Brewdad69’ wrote, “The betrayal is real” in a post where they showed their low IV shiny Jirachi obtained from the Wish Granted Masterwork Research.

The OP expressed their disappointment with the terrible stats after grinding the quest for a year, prompting several fellow players to join the comments section, who had a similar experience.

Users stated that they got bad stats in other Mythicals as well while some claimed that they decided to not spend any money in the game after getting a 2-star shiny Mew.

This prompted another, “Getting a 2-star shiny from paid tickets should not be a thing” as many mentioned that it “hurts” to get such low IVs after the rigorous grind involved.

But, it looks like those who play Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have found a way to make the most of these shiny Mythicals caught in Pokemon Go. “Send it to Pokémon home and now you have yourself a level 20 Jirachi to use really early on in the Switch games,” a trainer explained.

The least possible stats for these shiny Mythicals are 10/10/10 and players find it “disappointing” that the odds of finding one with high stats are ridiculously low, after spending so much time and money.

Even a person who has been playing since the beginning commented: “I’m a day 1 player. In all these years I have yet to catch a perfect Mythical/Legendary.”

If you’re looking for some high IV grabs in Pokemon Go, try hatching more Eggs and catching encounters from current Field Research tasks.

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