Pokemon Go players abandon Legendaries & Mythicals locked behind “ridiculous” paywalls

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go mythical zarude paid special research

The Zarude Special Research in Pokemon Go has players furious over popular Legendaries and Mythicals locked behind an expensive ticket, resulting in them giving up on these prized Pokemon altogether.

As the Verdant Wonders event chugs along in Pokemon Go, players can find many popular Grass and Dark-type Pokemon featured in the wild and Field Research.

The highlight of this event is a Special Research that will reward you with Zarude and other bonuses involving Flabébé and various in-game items. But, this quest has been embroiled in controversy, as fans called out the ticket price and rewards that are seemingly not worth it.

So, when a Reddit user named ‘FaceIndividual2086’ posted: “Don’t buy the Zarude ticket” and slammed devs Niantic for ‘selling Pokemon’ through “ridiculous” paid tickets, fellow trainers agreed with the OP and made scathing remarks in the comments section.

A trainer wrote, “Yeah I had a moment where I regretted not buying the Keldeo ticket but then I thought about it and was super glad I didn’t. F**k them for trying to sell us Pokemon.” Keldeo is a Water/Fighting-type Mythical from Gen 5 that hasn’t been available since.

This user made another joke: “Gotta catch them all! Unless they’re behind a paywall!” Many said that they’re “bummed and torn” with popular Legendaries and Mythicals only being accessible behind a paywall.

“Regigigas in November 2019, Genesect in March 2020, Keldeo in 2022, shiny Mythicals in Go Tours since 2021 and if you count those too Go Fest since 2018,” a fan explained some of the many instances of such species requiring paid tickets in Pokemon Go.

Coming to the $7.99 price of the Zarude ticket, users admitted that they would have considered buying it if it didn’t cost that much. Based on this, a large section of players seem to have a solution for this.

“We need to stop buying them or they’ll continue to jack up prices.” With March 2024 being the most expensive month in the history of the game, trainers are curious about how ticket prices will vary in upcoming events.

Meanwhile, check out some free-to-play parts of Pokemon Go such as the Go Battle League and the Raid schedule.

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