Lucky Pokemon Go player stuns fans with “incredible” Galarian Bird Incense haul

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go daily incense legendary species galarian articuno and moltres

Finding even a single Galarian Bird from Daily Incense is one of the rarest occurrences in Pokemon Go, let alone catching it. But a player caught not one but two Galarian Birds in a simple “dog food run” and the community cannot believe it.

Getting the Galarian Birds is perhaps the most difficult task in Pokemon Go, as these Legendary species are not only super rare but also have a mere 0.3% catch rate in the mobile game.

This makes Galarian Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres the go-to Pokemon to capture with the powerful Master Ball and fans spare no effort in searching for these three with Daily Incense, even though their spawns are not guaranteed.

So when a player managed to catch two of these elusive Pokemon in a random Daily Incense run, other fans were “shocked” as they lauded the player’s luck.

Pokemon Go player catches both Galarian Articuno & Moltres within minutes

A Reddit post by user ‘AllBadForYou’ showed a screenshot of the Pokemon Go player’s Daily Incense catch haul featuring a Galarian Articuno, a Ralts, and a Galarian Moltres as they wrote: “So this happened today!!,” while adding: “And to think I was gonna put off this dog food run for another day lol!!”

The post generated a buzz among other users and they were in disbelief over the OP’s remarkable feat as some of them “still haven’t seen one of the Birds” and the fact that the OP got “2 Galarian in one session?!”

Users added how difficult it is to catch the Galarian Birds as they commented: “Never see those. Nice catches!” and “I can’t even find the d*mn birds. Incense almost every day since they dropped.”

When asked how the OP managed to get it done, they replied, “Used (Master Ball) on Moltres today… it was the 2nd one I’ve seen and couldn’t stomach not using it” and added: “I even caught Articuno with an Ultra (Ball)… very lucky this morning!”

Fans called it “incredible” as the OP thanked their luck for bagging the two Legendary Pokemon. Many asked if there are “any tricks to finding these” but as of now, they’ll have to rely on the Daily Incense only.

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