Pokemon Go players share tragic “rookie mistake” to avoid with Master Ball

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go master ball image with ash ketchum

Master Ball is the rarest and most powerful Poke Ball in Pokemon Go so fans are careful not to waste this special asset. But when a player made the “biggest L in history” by catching Zorua with a Master Ball even when it was obviously Zorua, many warned against a common in-game mistake.

With shiny Zorua available in Pokemon Go, fans are sparing no effort in hunting this elusive Pokemon and adding it to their shiny collection. But spotting Zorua is a baffling task as it disguises itself as either your current Buddy Pokemon or one of your recent Buddies.

That said, identifying a disguised Zorua is extremely simple if it spawns as a shiny species or a Legendary that usually isn’t available in the wild.

Also, a wild spawn with a Best Buddy Ribbon is a dead giveaway to Zorua but a player completely missed the mark when they caught a ‘Galarian Moltres’ that turned out to be Zorua.

While the Galarian Birds are one of the top choices for using a Master Ball, this one had a Best Buddy Ribbon, something the player realized too late.

Reddit user ‘5nnn’ shared this Pokemon Go mishap in a post and wrote: “Zorua Masterball’ed,” leading to a lot of ridicule and trolling in the comment section.

Right off the bat, users commented that “it had the Best Buddy Ribbon,” to which the OP replied: “I know, that makes me feel extra stupid now. I was too excited when I saw it to notice that detail.”

Fellow players called it the “biggest L in history” as not only did the OP miss the Best Buddy Ribbon but also probably forgot that “if it’s a relatively large Pokemon and it says ‘it’s tiny!,’ 99% it’s a Zorua.”

But it appears that the OP isn’t alone after all as others admitted in the comments that they made the same mistake on wild encounters like Volcarona, shiny Gengar, and other Galarian Birds, only to find out that these species were actually Zorua.

This prompted some other users to mention how fans can avoid this “rookie mistake” by keeping a simple rule in mind: “Never Master Ball a Pokemon that’s currently your Buddy.”

With shiny Zorua being the focus of the Pokemon Go community, players should avoid making any of the Galarian Birds their Buddy, and instead pick those that make Zorua easy to identify like a shiny or a Raid-exclusive Legendary.

To go with a Legendary Buddy that will help you find Zorua as well as not waste a Master Ball, check out all Legendaries in Pokemon Go and the Legendaries available in the current Raid schedule.

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