How to get Quaquaval in Pokemon Go: PvP & PvE performance, best moveset, can it be shiny?

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With Quaquaval making its debut in Pokemon Go, players are eager to know all about its PvP and PvE performance and the best moveset for these battles. Additionally, they are also curious if shiny Quaquaval is up for grabs in the mobile game. So, here are all the details about Quaquaval in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go players are sparing no effort in catching all the new Pokemon from the Paldea region. After making their debut in the A Paldean Adventure event of the Adventures Abound Season, players are hyped, and they want the best of the available species.

However, players are particularly interested in catching and evolving the Paldean starters that many of them had caught in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Among the three starters, Quaquaval is perhaps the most useful in Pokemon Go, even though the designs of Meowscarada and Skeledirge are more popular.

So, here’s everything you need to know about Quaquaval in Pokemon Go, including how good it is in PvP and PvE battles, as well as its shiny availability in the game.

How to get Quaquaval in Pokemon Go

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Quaquaval’s tear-shaped feathers are made up of water.

You can get Quaquaval in Pokemon Go by catching a Quaxly and evolving it into Quaxwell with 25 Candy. Quaxwell can then be evolved into Quaquaval with 100 Candy.

Players will be able to find boosted spawns of Quaxly as a part of the A Paldean Adventure event. In addition, you can also get Quaxly as one of the possible encounters from the ‘Catch 9 Pokemon’ Field Research task.

Moreover, if you choose the Quaxly path in the A Paldean Adventure Special Research, you will find a guaranteed encounter with Quaxly.

Can Quaquaval be shiny in Pokemon Go?

No, shiny Quaquaval is not available in Pokemon Go.

Players should note that most starters make their shiny debut in Pokemon Go during their Community Day event.

Is Quaquaval good in Pokemon Go PvP?

Yes, Quaquaval is good in Pokemon Go PvP, particularly the Great and the Ultra League.

As a Water/Fighting-type, Quaquaval is extremely useful in the Go Battle League. It functions similarly to Poliwrath in PvP and it gets excellent coverage against some of the top threats in the meta.

One of the best reasons to use Quaquaval in PvP is its resistance to Steel-type attacks as well as its ability to deal super-effective damage to these powerful species. This makes Quaquaval an excellent partner to Dragon and Fairy-type Pokemon.

Best Quaquaval Pokemon Go PvP moveset

The best Quaquaval Pokemon Go PvP moveset is Wing Attack as a Fast Move combined with Close Combat and Liquidation as Charged Moves.

Wing Attack is a very good Fast Move even though Quaquaval doesn’t get STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) from it. With an EPT (Energy Per Turn) of 4.00, Quaquaval can generate energy for its Charged Moves very quickly with this Flying-type move.

Close Combat is Quaquaval’s strongest Charged Move, as it not only gets STAB but also dishes out a whopping 100 damage at just 45 energy. However, players should note that using Close Combat debuffs Quaquaval’s Defense stat by two stages.

So, we recommend using Close Combat towards the end of the battle when the opponent no longer has shields left.

Liquidation also costs 45 energy and deals 70 damage. While it’s less powerful than Close Combat, it gets STAB and has no debuffs. So, players should use Liquidation when shields are still around in the battle.

pokemon go quaquaval in the battlefield from scarlet and violet
Quaquaval is known for dancing during battles.

Is Quaquaval good in Pokemon Go PvE?

Yes, Quaquaval is good in Pokemon Go PvE. However, other Water and Fighting Pokemon like Kyogre, Greninja, Lucario, and Conkeldurr have a higher damage output in Raid Battles.

That said, you should know that Quaquaval’s Attack stat of 236 is one of the highest among Water-type starters in Pokemon Go. When Quaquaval receives Hydro Cannon from its eventual Community Day, it will be one of the best Water types in the game.

Best Quaquaval Pokemon Go PvE moveset

The best Quaquaval Pokemon Go PvE moveset is Water Gun as a Fast Move paired with Liquidation as a Charged Move.

With its high Attack stat, Quaquaval can do a good amount of damage in PvE battles such as Raids in which the Raid Boss is weak to Water-type attacks.

Moreover, Quaquaval has a signature move known as Aqua Step. There’s a good chance that Aqua Step may added to Pokemon Go in the future.

All Quaquaval Pokemon Go moves

Here’s the complete list of moves that Quaquaval can learn in Pokemon Go:

Quaquaval Pokemon Go Fast Moves

  • Water Gun
  • Wing Attack

Quaquaval Pokemon Go Charged Moves

  • Liquidation
  • Aqua Jet
  • Close Combat
  • Aerial Ace

And there you have it! This is all you need to know about Quaquaval in Pokemon Go. For more Pokemon Go content, be sure to check out our other guides:

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