How to get Lucario in Pokemon Go: PvE & PvP performance, best moveset & can it be shiny?

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A Lucario with perfect Pokemon Go stats is the dream of every player. With the Riolu Hatch Day event offering a great opportunity to get an amazing Lucario, players want to know about its shiny availability and the best moveset for PvP and PvE. Here are all the details.

Lucario is one of the most prized Pokemon in every game it has been a part of and Pokemon Go is no different. Though Lucario has been a part of the game for quite a while, many players are yet to get a Lucario with good stats.

With Lucario being easier to get than ever thanks to the Riolu Hatch Day event, Pokemon Go players are keen to know its best moveset for PvP and PvE battles, and whether shiny Lucario is available in the game.

So here’s all you need to know about Lucario in Pokemon Go.

How to get Lucario in Pokemon Go

You can get Lucario in Pokemon Go by evolving a Riolu with 50 Candy.

Players can hatch a Riolu from 2 km eggs during the Riolu Hatch Day event. But in general, Riolu can be hatched from 10 km eggs that may be obtained through Adventure Sync rewards every Monday.

A Pokemon Go player is eligible for a 10 km egg reward only if they have covered at least 100 km through Adventure Sync in the previous week.

lucario pokemon go ready for battle
Lucario uses the steel projections on its hands to deliver punches.

Is shiny Lucario available in Pokemon Go?

Yes, shiny Lucario is available in Pokemon Go.

Lucky players can get a shiny Lucario by evolving a shiny Riolu hatched from a 2 km egg during Riolu Hatch Day or from a 10 km egg obtained from Adventure Sync rewards.

Is Lucario good in Pokemon Go PvP?

Yes, Lucario is good in Pokemon Go PvP, particularly in Ultra League and Team Go Rocket battles.

With the Fighting/Steel-type combination, Lucario gains advantages offensively as well as defensively. It not only gets excellent attacking coverage but also has 9 resistances.

Best Lucario moveset for Pokemon Go PvP

The best Lucario Pokemon Go PvP moveset is Counter as a Fast Move paired with Power-Up Punch and Shadow Ball as Charged Moves.

Counter is the best Fast Move in Pokemon Go. When paired with the Attack stat boosts gained by Power-Up Punch, it hits harder as the battle progresses.

Shadow Ball lets Lucario dish out impressive neutral damage to its opponents and be ready to deal with any Ghost-type opponents like Giratina or Trevenant.

Is Lucario good in Pokemon Go PvE?

Yes, Lucario is very good in Pokemon Go PvE.

Lucario is the top non-Mega and non-Shadow Fighting-type Pokemon in the game. While most Fighting-type Pokemon use Dynamic Punch or Close Combat, Lucario takes advantage of the exceptional stats of Aura Sphere to deal superior DPS (Damage Per Second) in PvE.

Best Lucario moveset for Pokemon go PvE

The best Lucario Pokemon Go PvE moveset is Counter as a Fast Move paired with Aura Sphere as a Charged Move.

Aura Sphere is the secret behind Lucario’s massive success in Pokemon Go PvE battles. It is the most powerful Fighting-type and it helps Lucario deal massive damage in Raids and Gyms.

Complete Lucario moveset in Pokemon Go

lucario using aura sphere just like it does in pokemon go
Lucario can focus its aura to create powerful attacks in battle.

Here’s the complete Lucario moveset in Pokemon Go:

Fast Moves

  • Counter
  • Bullet Punch

Charged Moves

  • Aura Sphere
  • Power-Up Punch
  • Close Combat
  • Shadow Ball
  • Flash Cannon

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