Pokemon Go player uses Master Ball to catch Spinda’s rarest form

Lucas Simons
Ash Spinda Master Ball Pokemon Go

For Pokemon Go players, sometimes there is only one chance to get a rare or unique Pokemon, and one player saw a chance they couldn’t pass up. They used a Master Ball without even a flinch.

Pokemon Go players are always looking for the strongest and rarest species to catch. Though many new Pokemon became available with the Timeless Travels season, some classic Pokemon are still hard to get. Furfrou, with its many forms, and Vivillion with its incredible amount of patterns, are two great examples.

Speaking about patterns, the other Pokemon that has several of those is none other than Spinda. Spinda has a total of 18 available forms. The rarest of them all is the Heart spot pattern Spinda.

Players who purchased the ticket for the Carnival of Love Special Timed Research got five chances to encounter a Heart pattern Spinda, and the luckiest of them could even get a shiny one.

One Japanese player named ‘Spinda777’ hit the jackpot, by encountering a shundo Heart Spinda, and they didn’t hesitate to use their Master Ball.

Many players gathered in the OP’s X post to commemorate this moment, congratulating them and wishing them the best for adding the rarest pattern to their Spinda collection. According to the player “It was the 8925th one” they caught.

Some players do not agree with Spinda777’s decision to use a Master Ball in this particular case, as one of them wrote: “Why use a Master Ball? Research Pokemon are almost secured catches!” While another one added: “It is not 100 %, but maybe he ran out of balls, I dunno. I would have done the same without even flinching.”

Another user also stated: “Happened to me once with a shundo Psyduck in the Wild. Used MB. No regrets. LOL!” And another user said: “Totally justified. Would have done the same!!!”

So there you have it, if you happen to find this rare Spinda yourself, do whatever it takes to catch ’em all! In the meantime, you can also check all you need to know about the next big event on Pokemon Day. If you are looking for more Pokemon Go info, you can check out our Raid Schedule for this month.

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