Minecraft 1.20: Best modern house designs

Aakrit Sharma
A modern house in Minecraft

Building different structures is one of the most satisfying activities in Minecraft and there’s no limit to what you can create in your world. Here are some of the best modern house designs in Minecraft to help you build unique structures at your base or anywhere on the map.

Minecraft has grown to become one of the most iconic games on the market, coming with a sandbox world where you can do almost anything. While beating Minecraft is a long and gradual process, many in the community often go out and collect resources, explore different biomes, get better tools and armor, and take on the Wither and Ender Dragon every in-game day.

However, another major activity that can take up the bulk of your time is building. You can find unique houses in the Minecraft worlds and servers, which keep their resources safe and most importantly, make the game a lot more personal.

So, here are the best Minecraft modern house designs that you can take inspiration from.

Most stunning Minecraft modern houses to build in 2023

Minecraft mansion with pools and decorations

Modern mansion design in Minecraft
Concrete is the primary crafting material for houses in Minecraft.

YouTuber cubeflash deserves credit for making one of the best modern houses in Minecraft. Their perfectly symmetrical house has a massive base with three floors that have stylish glass panels. The white and black color scheme is simple yet elegant. The front of the house has two pools with gardens and there’s a plain walking area at the back.

To make the most of this design, you can add mods like the Milky Way Galaxy Night Sky, shaders like BSL, and texture packs like Jicklus.

Minecraft modern house with detailed rooms and fencing

Modern house with detailed rooms in Minecraft
You can add mods and texture to improve Minecraft’s visual quality.

Another Minecraft modern house design that you might want to try out belongs to YouTuber HALNY. If you want your house to be as detailed as possible, this design is perfect for you.

We say this because HALNY’s house in Minecraft has a modular kitchen with a chimney and a dining table and the bathrooms have tubs and showers. There’s a bedroom with bookshelves and lamps and you even have a living room with sofas and art. It does not get more detailed than this.

The exteriors of this house are equally brilliant. You have a pool surrounded by gardens and there are benches for visitors. The cherry on top is the house’s modern fence with a proper gate and torches.

Modern tree house in Minecraft

Modern tree house in Minecraft
The forest is the most common Minecraft biome.

If you want your Minecraft house to look modern and close to nature at the same time, a tree house is the way to go. YouTuber 6tenstudio came up with a modern tree house design two years back and even in 2023, it is hard to find a better option.

The best part about this tree house design is the working redstone elevator. You’ll start by making the elevator and then build the house around it with wood and other crafting materials. There are two floors at the top where you can rest, keep items, relax, and just enjoy the mesmerizing view.

Container Minecraft modern house with a futuristic design

Futuristic three-story house in Minecraft
You can clear obstacles to make your house in Minecraft.

While other houses on this list look like replicas of real-life houses, the modern house design by YouTuber ManDooMin looks truly futuristic. It basically includes three floors of containers that are placed in a criss-cross pattern. While the bottom floor can be your farm, the remaining two floors can be used for saving resources and leisure.

The two swings on the first floor prove how the most simple ideas can turn out to be great if executed creatively. Compared to other designs, this house is also easier to make and you’ll have the liberty of decorating the interior in your own way.

Underground Minecraft modern house with storage area and fish tank

Underground modern house in Minecraft
Underground houses in Minecraft will require you to do a lot of digging!

Modern Minecraft houses are already creative enough, but YouTuber Nanaroid took it one step further with the underground modern house. From the top, you’ll only see four sleek glass roofs but on the inside, there are exquisite wooden floors, a storage room, a fish tank, a walkway, a living area, a kitchen, and a cozy enchantment room under the stairs.

Minecraft modern house for survival

Survival modern house in Minecraft
Avoid making a house in Minecraft biomes with fewer resources.

Minecraft modern houses look amazing but often lag behind when it comes to practicality. To solve this issue, YouTuber ToxicKailey has come up with a modern house that not only has the most detailed interiors but is also equipped with everything to help you survive.

The modern house feels luxurious with elements like a glass roof, modular kitchen, cupboards, and king-size bed. Last but not least, the selection of grey, black, and brown crafting blocks makes the color scheme pleasant and helps this house stand out among other houses in the game that primarily use concrete.

Wooden Minecraft modern house

Wooden modern house design in Minecraft
Wood is abundantly found in the Minecraft Overworld.

You might feel like the modern houses in Minecraft do not match well with the primitive Overworld. The solution to that is a wooden modern house with wooden exteriors and modern interiors.

YouTuber Heyimrobby has come up with an astounding wooden modern house design that has two floors, glass windows, multiple rooms, and a beautiful aesthetic. The best part is that the materials required aren’t too hard to obtain and the building procedure is also simple.

Minimal Minecraft modern house

Minimal modern house design in Minecraft
Netherite is the strongest crafting material in Minecraft but it’s very rare.

You might not want to spend hours and hours collecting resources and building a monumental modern house. In fact, the majority of the casual player base wants a design like the one by YouTuber Rizzial.

There are two floors with enough space for storage and sleeping. It’s wise to make this house in a relatively open area that you can use for farming and keeping livestock.

Minecraft modern castle

Modern castle design in Minecraft
Make sure to add torches to your houses.

You might not want to back down from a building challenge and we recommend you build a modern castle. The design by QueenHaleybee and FloBro lets you make the perfect survival base with a modern architectural style and the structure of a castle.

The Minecraft modern castle has glass galleries and the towers make it look like a small fort. Inside the house, there are two floors and the rooms have minimal yet attractive decorations. You’ll also be spending a lot of time on exterior designing but the end product will certainly be worth the effort.

Architect’s modern building in Minecraft

A real architect's modern building in Minecraft
You can get infinite resources to build houses in Minecraft’s Creative mode.

To end this list, we have the ultimate Minecraft building challenge for you. YouTuber JUNS MAB Architecture Tutorial has created a gigantic modern building that can incorporate several houses inside of it.

Interestingly enough, a real architect has designed the building, and making it in Minecraft will naturally require you to stack up a ton of resources like Glass, Quartz, Glowstone, and End Rods. While some players required over 10-12 hours to complete the project, others claimed to spend days on it.

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