Best Minecraft castle ideas: Hogwarts, Winterfell, Hyrule, more

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Minecraft castle in front of a sunset and trees

You don’t need to build a castle to beat Minecraft, but why not? To help you greatly elevate the appearance of your island, here are some of the best Minecraft castle ideas.

If you’re done beating Minecraft by killing the Ender Dragon and The Wither, it might be time to go out and build something magnificent on your base as there are endless opportunities. Your building skills can also help you stand out in servers that grant land to all members and let them showcase their creativity.

Castles are arguably one of the most popular things that players like to build because they not only look spectacular but also help in survival.

On that note, here are the best Minecraft castle ideas, ranked in no particular order.


Best Minecraft castles to build on your base

Medieval castle

Medieval castle in Minecraft

The medieval age is when castles gained prominence and if you want to time travel in Minecraft, a medieval castle is simply perfect. While there are plenty of castle ideas based on the theme, one of the most trusted tutorials and builds comes from YouTuber Stevler.

It’ll take you around an hour and a half to build the exterior and a similar time for the interior. The result will be a huge and wide castle that can be spotted from miles away and adds to the beauty of your base.

Japanese Birchblossom castle

Castle based on Japanese architecture in Minecraft

If you’re a fan of Japanese architecture, we can’t help but recommend the Birchblossom Castle build by YouTuber SixWings. In an eight-part series, the creator has showcased how you can make the exterior as well as the detailed interior which includes baths, hallway lighting, eating area, study area, trees, and a designer foundation.

Although this is one of the most time-consuming builds you can aim to recreate on your base, it’s absolutely worth it because there’s equal attention to storage, security, and aesthetics.

Survival castle

Basic survival castle in Minecraft

While most other Minecraft castle ideas on this list focus on looks, we also have a very practical recommendation that will help you with survival. You can farm animals, grow crops, store items, go to the Nether, and enchant your tools and weapons with this build and getting it on your base is much easier than some of the other options listed here.

YouTuber Blockical has showcased how you can build the survival castle in just eight minutes.

Dracula castle

Dracula castle in Minecraft

The iconic castle from Bram Stoker’s Dracula looks as grand as ever in Minecraft but it will require you to spend a ton of hours in-game. There are a few creators on YouTube who’ve successfully made such spooky castles, including Meggashi and the ever-reliable TrixyBlox.

Meggashi’s build involves three towers and the final product looks exactly like the castle in Castevania. On the flip side, TixyBlox’s Dracula-inspired castle is perfect for celebrating Halloween with your Minecraft friends.

Hogwarts castle

Hogwarts castle from Harry Potter in Minecraft
Hogwarts Castle is a recurring location in all movies and even the Hogwarts Legacy game.

A list about the most memorable fictional castles will always remain incomplete without the Hogwarts Castle from Harry Potter and you can make it in Minecraft too. If you want your castle to resemble the structure from the movies, YouTuber Dragonod’s build stands out as it recreates the West Wing, Hogwarts Grounds, the Lower West Wing, the East Wing Ground Floor, East Wing Upper Floors, and the East Wing Lower Floors.

On top of this, you’ll be amazed to know that this castle also has the Chamber of Secrets, making it perfect for any Harry Potter fans. Even if you’re not into the series, the castle is spectacular and massive and will still be an instant attraction on your base.

Winterfell castle

Winterfell castle from Game of Thrones in Minecraft

YouTuber TrixyBlox has a full series on Game of Thrones-based Minecraft builds and it unsurprisingly includes the Winterfell castle. From the exterior wall to the massive entrance to interior walls and trees, this build takes care of all the relevant details and makes sure that you’re in a very safe enclosure.

A detail that you might want to add is the lake next to the red leaf tree but apart from that, even hardcore fans of the series won’t find much to complain about.

Neuschwanstein castle

Neuschwanstein castle in Minecraft

The Neuschwanstein castle is one of the most popular castles in the world and it is also the inspiration behind the Disney Dreamland castle. You can recreate this remarkable structure in Minecraft by following the tutorial from YouTuber Bubbaflubba.

The process involves making a massive base as well but you can directly start by making the castle’s exteriors too. Having said that, the tutorial doesn’t feature any interiors and you might want to increase the size of the structure to incorporate functional rooms.

Waterfall castle

Waterfall Castle in Minecraft

The Waterfall castle by Geet Builds is a unique entry on this list because more than the structure, the location of this castle is its major highlight. Having said that, don’t expect that building it will be simple as it also boasts one of the most intricate designs and block compositions.

There’s a gigantic gate facing the waterfall drop and the proper symmetric design is appealing to most.

Hyrule castle

Hyrule castle from Legend of Zelda in Minecraft

The perfect Minecraft castle recommendation for fans of the Legend of Zelda franchise is the Hyrule castle by YouTuber Zainncraft. The attention to detail is mesmerizing and you’ll be expected to focus on making the grasslands, deciding the spawn speed, making exterior walls and modules, and even terraforming (a lot of it).

The exteriors are so grand and elaborate but you have plenty of space to focus on interiors too and make the castle solid for survival. Zainncraft has a whole series on building Breath of the Wild architecture in Minecraft, so if you don’t want to stop at Hyrule castle, just follow the creator’s lead.

Bowser’s castle

Bowser castle from Mario franchise in Minecraft

Mario is one of the biggest gaming franchises ever and at this point, even Bowser boasts millions of fans. The villain’s castle where he keeps Peach, the Princess, is a frequent location in the games and movies.

YouTuber TMSC-Minecraft has recreated Bowser’s castle in Minecraft with every little detail that hardcore fans of the series would want to have. Because there are hardly any references related to how the castle looks from the inside, you have complete freedom over the interiors.

Survival base castle

Survival castle in Minecraft
You can choose different building materials for your castles in Minecraft based on their look and durability.

While the first survival castle we recommended was ideal for beginners, Minecraft players ready to take on a bigger building project can ty out the ultimate survival castle by creator ItsMarloe.

Start building the castle wall and towers and in the garden inside, you can prepare the animal farms and designate some area for crops. The chest placement is very clever and without taking too much interior space, you’ll be able to store all your necessities and luxurious items. Similarly, the storage room inside the castle is compact and full of small details that add to the overall look.

Of course, you’ll be able to incorporate an enchantment room, Nether portal, brewing room, furnaces, and beds and there’s no compromise at all.

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