Best Minecraft modpacks in 2023: ATM8, RLCraft, more

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You can use modpacks to enhance and personalize your gameplay in Minecraft, so if you’re tired of the vanilla experience, here are the best Minecraft modpacks you can try out, including RLCraft, Pixelmon, and more in 2023.

Minecraft is one of the most popular games of all time, and many in the game’s community like its unaltered vanilla version, preferring it over modded versions. The vanilla version lets you enchant various weapons like swords and bows, explore various biomes, and more.

However, if you’ve been playing Minecraft for a long time or have just beaten the game and are looking for more, you can always turn to modpacks for new content.

Modpacks are collections of various smaller mods, packaged as a single mod for quick and easy installation. It’s a great way to spice up your Minecraft experience, adding new features and challenges that change the way you play.

So, here’s a look at the best Minecraft modpacks in 2023.

The best Minecraft modpacks in 2023

We have ranked these best Minecraft modpacks based on their popularity and downloads in 2023.

5. Better MC

Better MC modpack logo on a Minecraft world screengrab.SHXRKIE
Better MC is based on the Fabric API.

One of the best modpacks in Minecraft in 2023 is Better MC, which seamlessly improves and diversifies the gameplay experience. It has a selection of mods that not only bring better graphics, faster performance, and creative features to the game, but also add new structures, biomes, blocks, mobs, and combat styles.

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Players will be amazed by the beautiful world, as well as the expanded building options and the new gameplay possibilities. Better MC takes Minecraft to a new level, offering an unforgettable adventure for players in 2023.

4. RLCraft

RLCrafr modpack logo on a screenshot of the modpack world in Minecraft.Shivaxi
RLCraft has over 16 million downloads om CurseForge.

For players in search of a hardcore survival challenge, RLCraft stands out as an exceptional option among the finest Minecraft modpacks in 2023. This modpack has a strong focus on realism and heightened difficulty, which introduces a range of mods that push players to their limits.

Consequently, engaging in fierce battles against hostile mobs and triumphing over treacherous environmental hazards, every step taken becomes a testament to your skill and unwavering determination. Thus, RLCraft delivers an intense and gratifying experience, perfectly suited for players looking for a genuine survival adventure.

3. Pixelmon

Pixelmon modpack thumbnail featuring two different Pokemons in Minecraft.PixelmonMaod
The Pixelmon modpack includes everything you need as a pre-built Pixelmon experience.

Another great modpack in the Minecraft realm as of 2023 is Pixelmon, which skillfully blends the world of Pokémon with blocky landscapes. With Pixelmon, players can not only embark on an immersive journey to capture, train, and battle their own Pokémon team but also enjoy the features of Minecraft.

In addition, Pixelmon offers thrilling exploration, diverse Pokémon encounters, and exhilarating battles. The mod enhances multiplayer interactions, allowing players to engage either in epic Pokémon battles or cooperative adventures. Pixelmon brings together the best of Pokémon and Minecraft, providing an unforgettable adventure for Minecraft players in 2023.

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2. DawnCraft

A screengrab of the Skeleton Boss in DawnCraft modpack in Minecraftbstylia14
DawnCraft features a complete quest line and a custom-built quest system.

If you are looking for a great RPG modpack for Minecraft that combines adventure, exploration, and magic then DawnCraft is the one you should get.

It features a selection of over 200 mods that allow players to go on exciting quests, fight dozens of bosses, and explore and build new structures. The DawnCraft modpack immerses players in a captivating experience that sparks their curiosity and imagination in the Minecraft world.

1. All the Mods 8 – ATM8

A screengrab of the world in All The Mods 8 modpackATMTeam
All The Mods 8 has all the basics that most other popular modpacks include.

ATM8 or All the Mods 8, is a Minecraft modpack that features a wide range of mods and a balanced mix of exploration, tech, and magic. It is one of the best modpacks in 2023, as it offers a diverse and immersive gameplay experience.

Players can venture into new biomes, encounter unique creatures, and use advanced machines and spells. They can also express their creativity with the various mods available in this modpack. ATM8 is a modpack that will keep players entertained and engaged for hours.

That’s all about the best Minecraft modpacks in 2023. We hope you have fun playing them all and if you feel like exploring more about Minecraft, check out:

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