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How to hatch a dragon egg in Minecraft

Here’s a guide on how to hatch the Ender Dragon’s egg in Minecraft and respawn the boss in The End without mods.



Dragon egg and the Ender Dragon in Minecraft

Hatching the Ender Dragon’s egg is one of the toughest tasks in Minecraft. If you don’t know how to bring back the Ender Dragon, check out this guide to hatching a dragon egg in Minecraft.

The best thing about Minecraft is the independence it offers to its massive player base. You can roam around for hours in your Overworld and ignore the dangers of The Nether and The End forever. On the other end of the spectrum, there are players who like taking on bosses and completing every in-game task.

If you’re someone who’s defeated the Ender Dragon, you might want to hatch its dragon egg in order to respawn the boss.

Here’s a guide on how to hatch a dragon egg in Minecraft.

Dragon egg placed on the exit portal

How to hatch a dragon egg in The End in Minecraft

You need four End Crystals to hatch a dragon egg in Minecraft and of course, before that, make sure to collect a dragon egg.

The dragon egg is arguably the rarest item in the game as it generates only once on the top of the exit portal when you defeat the Ender Dragon for the first time. If you want to hatch the egg at the End itself, there is no need to remove it from the portal.

How to make End Crystals in Minecraft

You’ll need four Ghast Tears, four Eyes of Ender, and glass to craft one End Crystal in Minecraft. Ghast mobs drop Ghost Tears when killed and you can find them floating around in the Nether.

An Eye of Ender can be crafted with Blaze Powder and Ender Pearl. Endermen dop Ender Pearl and Blaze Powder is obtained by putting a Blaze Rod in any block of the crafting GUI. This is similar to wooden logs turning into planks when put in a single block of the crafting grid.

Luckily, Endermen spawn in every biome. On the flip side, you’ll find Blaze mobs only in Nether Fortresses in The Nether. They drop Blaze Rods when killed.

After collecting the ingredients, add the Ender Pearl to the center of the crafting grid and Blaze Powder on its left to get an Eye of Ender.

Crafting recipe for Eye of Ender in Minecraft

Finally, put the Eye of Ender in the center of a crafting table and four Ghast Tears underneath it. Fill the remaining seven blocks with glass to get your End Crystal. You must craft four End Crystals to successfully hatch the egg.

The crafting recipe is showcased in the image below:

Crafting recipe for the End Crystal in Minecraft

With a dragon egg on the exit portal, follow these steps to hatch it:

  1. Place the four Ender Crystals on every side of the exit portal. There are three blocks surrounding the portal on all sides and the Ender Crystals should be on the middle block of each side.
  2. When you place the fourth Ender Crystal, the dragon egg with hatch.
  3. The nearby towers will activate and the Ender Dragon will respawn.

Do note that defeating the Ender Dragon for the second time won’t drop another egg. Usually, players like keeping the item as a trophy indicating that they’ve defeated the Ender Dragon.

How to hatch the dragon egg in the Overworld in Minecraft

You cannot hatch the dragon egg in the Overworld in Minecraft’s base game. Only mods can allow you to do so and in a modded game, you can even hatch a dragon egg to get a tamed mini-dragon.

While some mods generate a tamed Ender Dragon that will roam around your Overworld, others might allow you to ride it.

Feed the Beast, CurseForge, and MultiMC are some of the most reliable apps to manage and download the best Minecraft mods. Here, you can find a mod that lets you hatch the dragon egg in the Overworld and enjoy the game like never before.

Player riding an Ender Dragon in modded Minecraft game

To hatch the dragon egg in the Overworld, you’ll first have to remove it from the exit portal.

How to acquire the dragon egg in Minecraft

You cannot mine a dragon egg directly with tools in Minecraft. Instead, you’ll have to grab it like an item with the help of Redstone and a piston.

Follow these steps to acquire a dragon egg in Minecraft:

  1. Go near the dragon egg and tap it once. It should teleport to a nearby block.
  2. Place a piston right next to the dragon egg so that it pushes the egg when activated.
  3. Place a block of Redstone beside the piston block to activate it.
  4. The piston will push the dragon egg and it will be ready for collection.

After adding the dragon egg to your inventory, you can take it to your Overworld and hatch it with a mod or just keep the trophy to look back on the victory against the Ender Dragon.

This was everything to know about hatching the dragon egg in Minecraft. For more content on the sandbox title, check out these guides on how to find a village, how to make a composter, and how to make an invisibility potion.

Image Credits: Mojang / Minecraft Forum, TheRPGAdventurer