Best Minecraft 1.20 servers in 2024

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Minecraft servers and their official logos

There’s a wide variety of Minecraft servers out there and choosing the one that best suits your play style and expectations can be a task. So, here are the best Minecraft servers as of the 1.20 update offering the most entertaining mini-games, communities, survival challenges, PvP, and more.

Both veterans and new players can enjoy Minecraft servers as there’s plenty of unique content for everyone. While some like PirateCraft recreate other titles with pixelated graphics, mainstream servers like Complex Gaming compile tons of mini-games.

Having said that, many factors can make choosing a Minecraft server tricky, ranging from community safety to player count to performance to theme. To help you make the right choice, here are the best Minecraft servers as of the 1.20 update.

Because there are so many servers with completely different settings, our list is further divided by the type of Minecraft servers, so you can directly look at the best options from your favorite category.

Best Minecraft survival servers


ManaCube server gameplay in Minecraft
  • Server IP address for Java –
  • Server IP address for Bedrock and Port – and 19132

ManaCube Minecraft server was released in 2013, and it offers eight game modes. Among these, survival is one of the most popular because of custom monsters, boss battles, daily challenges, quests, and more.

Thanks to a loyal fan base, you’ll always find like-minded allies and the rules save you from griefers as well. On top of all this, features like Cubits (unique in-game currency), Mana (server level), Guilds, Season Vaults (permanent item storage), Resource Packs (for improved textures and modded content), and Events make ManaCube a whole new world of its own.


Applecraft server gameplay in Minecraft
  • Server IP address for Java –
  • Server IP address and port for mobile – and 19132

Applecraft is not your overwhelming Minecraft server loaded with a plethora of features. Instead, it is a semi-vanilla survival experience focusing on quality-of-life improvements. You can rank up through voting and the player shop uses ores as a currency, so mining is a great way to get better resources.

You can mark and claim land in Applecraft to protect valuable resources and griefing isn’t allowed anyway, ensuring seamless progress. Through monthly events that bring in new themes, crates, and rare items, you always have something new to look forward to and the supportive community is like the cherry on top.

Best Minecraft prison servers

Purple Prison

Purple Prison server gameplay in Minecraft
  • Server IP address for Java –

Purple Prison has amassed over 3 million unique Minecraft players and has been around for almost a decade now. From daily custom PvP events and rankup rewards to frequent updates and prestige ranks, several mechanics make Purple Prison a major hit.

In this server, your goal is to mine resources from custom mines and trade items to make money. This eventually opens up ways to escape the prison, claim land, and become the most powerful user on the server.


AkumaMC server in Minecraft
  • Server IP address for Java –
  • Server IP address for Bedrock –

Unlike many other servers on this list that aim to include many modes, AkumaMC primarily focuses on the prison theme. This explains why its jailbreak mode is considered far more refined and exciting than competitors.

Everyone starts with a free rank in AkumaMC and the gameplay soon turns chaotic with enchants, customization and strategy options, and fast-paced server activities. You should find regular players easily on this widely popular server, and the action never stops.

There are many ways to support the developers financially, but you also get to open a ton of free Crates and Keys that boost progress.

Best Minecraft servers with mini-games


Netherite server gameplay in Minecraft
  • Server IP address for Java edition –
  • Server IP address for Bedrock edition – and Port 19132

Netherite Minecraft server can be your go-to virtual hangout spot due to the abundance of game modes. While factions allow you to build fortresses and participate in epic clan-level battles, skyblock challenges you to survive with the shortage of resources in the sky.

You can also enjoy mining and leveling up in the prison mode or make a cooperative town with other players in the Towny mode. Last but not least, classics like Survival, Lifesteal, and PvP also exist for players who enjoy game modes with less commotion.


Hypixel server gameplay in Minecraft
  • Server ID address for Java edition –

To show you how expansive Hypixel Minecraft server is, here’s a rundown of some game modes it offers:

  • Bed Wars – Collect resources with friends while protecting your bed.
  • Sky Wars – PvP mode.
  • Murder Mystery – A game mode where you catch the murderer or kill all innocents.
  • Arcade Games – Another sub-collection of classic arcade games.
  • UHC Champions – Survival mode with custom crafting recipes and perks.
  • Arena Brawl – 1v1, 2v2, and 4v4 matches
  • Build Battle – Build a base and get points based on voting.
  • Cops and Crims – Recreation of CS: GO
  • Blitz Survival Games – Last man standing game mode.
  • Smash Heroes – Recreation of Smash Bros.
  • The TNT Game – Explosive action-packed game mode involving TNTs.

On top of these popular options, you can take part in Kart Races, Quakecraft, VampireZ, The Walls, Mega Walls, and a lot more. This is why Hypixel is one of the most popular and played Minecraft servers in the world, with no other server providing as many game modes and diverse gameplay options.

Complex Gaming

PIxelmon server in Minecraft
  • Server IP address for US –
  • Server IP address for EU –

Complex Gaming is another Minecraft server with plenty of game modes, ranging from survival and PvP to factions, prison, and creative. However, it is best known for the Pixelmon game mode that lets you catch over 850 Pokemon and the concept is very similar to what we’ve seen in Palworld. To enjoy this though, you’ll have to install the respective modpacks.

Complex Gaming’s server also has Feed the Beasts, Vanilla, and Tekkit variants that are very popular among fans. So if you don’t want to spend time changing servers, just enter Complex Gaming and you might end up getting all the desired options.

Best Oneblock servers Minecraft


EarthSMP map in KiwiSMP Minecraft server
  • Server IP address for Java edition –
  • Server IP address for Bedrock edition – play. kiwismp. fun and Port 19132

KiwiSMP’s EarthSMP and Lifesteal game modes are pretty famous, but the server stands out due to the amazing Oneblock mode. With quality-of-life improvements and a very approachable staff, it ensures that you get the best Oneblock experience.

The best way to enjoy KiwiSMP Oneblock is with friends, as the scarcity of resources will compel you to work together and survive. This is recommended for players who don’t want to engage in PvP but want a challenge to test their Minecraft skills.


Skyblock server gameplay in Minecraft
Skyblock is one of the most played non-vanilla game modes in Minecraft.
  • Server IP address for Java edition

Skyblock server for Minecraft was released in 2011, and it has been a fan-favorite since then. It offers a relatively vanilla experience with some much-needed upgrades such as economy, levels, mob arenas, custom islands, and more.

Because Skyblock solely focuses on the survival aspect, it is suitable for anyone who doesn’t want to be spammed with too many options upon entering a server.

Best Minecraft parkour servers


Minr server gameplay in Minecraft
Parkour in Minecraft involves simple movements but fast reflexes.
  • Server IP address for Java edition – 
  • Server IP address for Bedrock edition – and Port 19132

Minr is one of the oldest Minecraft servers dedicated to parkour, puzzles, mazes, and similar mobility-based gameplay. It has been around for over 13 years and has rarely faced technical issues, making it one of the most reliable options out there.

Getting into the server is easy as the developers are committed to providing a level playing field to everyone and once you settle in, make sure to try out the Hardcore challenges. Thanks to a massive community, new maps and challenges also keep arriving frequently.


OPBlocks server gameplay in Minecraft
  • Server IP address for Java edition –
  • Server IP address for Bedrock edition –

OPBlocks is a reputed Minecraft server with prison escape modes, factions, an earth map, bosses, dungeons, skyblock, survival modes, Pixelmon, and a fast-paced parkour mode. You’ll find plenty of mini-games that test your ability to move around quickly and the community leaves no opportunity to add new content or make the existing maps better.

OPBlocks boasts one of the most expansive and polished parkour maps despite having several other modes to focus on. This is largely due to its massive community that has been active for years. For smooth progress, you can also make a note to complete server quests that hand out exciting freebies.

Best role-playing Minecraft servers

Roleplay Hub

Roleplay Hub server gameplay in Minecraft
Role-playing servers in Minecraft are usually non-competitive and focus on casual gameplay.
  • Server IP address for Java edition –
  • Server IP address for mobile edition –

Roleplay Hub is great for Minecraft players who only want a friendly and active community and don’t care a lot about the core gameplay. School roleplay, creative, and Maze roleplay are the three major game modes on this server.

While the SchoolRP lets you become a teacher, school employee, professor, student, and a criminal, the MazeRunnerRP is a unique take on the genre involving keepers and runners. In both the modes, there’s a fixed set of rules that everyone has to follow and actions like godmodding, metagaming, and powergaming are banned.


PirateCraft server gameplay in Minecraft
  • Server IP address for Java edition –

If you like pirate games like Sea of Thieves, Skull and Bones, and the classic Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, PirateCraft might just be the ideal Minecraft server for you. There are custom maps for survival, creative, and PvP, and features like ships, cannons, pirate crews, ranks, pirate marketplace, hundreds of brewing recipes, and gate building ensure that you get the most sophisticated pirate experience.

The ship-to-ship combat mechanic really sets PirateCraft apart from other servers and regular updates have improved the content drastically over the years. The community is very supportive as well and as for any complaints, the staff usually responds and fixes things quickly.

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