Best Y level for iron in Minecraft 1.20

Udit Surve
Iron Ore in Minecraft.

Iron is one of the most important block in Minecraft as its has many uses especially in survival mode. If you are on your way to mine it, here’s all you need to know about the best Y level for iron in Minecraft 1.20.

Minecraft features over nineteen different ores which can be mined to create items. This makes ores a key block especially if you are playing in survival mode.

Iron Ore is one of the key blocks which can be smelt using a furnace to create iron and then crafted into swords, redstone items, armor, decorations, and more. But getting iron is easier said than done, especially if you don’t know where to look for it.

So here’s the best Y level for iron in Minecraft 1.20

How to find your Y level in Minecraft

To get your current Y level in Minecraft, simply hit the F3 button on your keyboard to see the debug overlay. Here look for ‘XYZ’ values on the left side of your screen and you will see three numbers separated by slashes out of which the middle one is your Y level.

Iron Ingot in Minecraft
You can craft an Iron Block using nine Iron Ingots

What is the best Y level for iron ores in Minecraft?

The best Y level for iron ores in Minecraft 1.20 is 16 and 230. Following the Caves and Cliff update, Mojang also updated the ore distribution system. This resulted into iron ores spawning from -24 in caves all the way up to 256 in the mountains.

If you want to farm iron, we suggest mining between Y levels 11 and 20. Large iron veins on the other hand can be found between -60 and -8.

All iron uses in Minecraft

Here are all the various way iron is used in Minecraft:

ArmorIron Boots, Iron Chestplate, Iron Helmet, Iron Leggings, Shield
DecorationBlock of Iron, Chain, Iron Bars
RedstoneActivator Rail, Detector Rail, Heavy Weighted Pressure Plate, Iron Door, Iron Trapdoor, Minecart, Piston, Rail, Tripwire Hook
ToolsIron Axe, Iron Hoe, Iron Pickaxe, Iron Shovel
UtilityAnvil, Blast Furnace, Bucket, Cauldron, Compass, Crafter, Flint and Steel, Hopper, Shears, Smithing Table, Stonecutter
WeaponsCrossbow, Iron Sword

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