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How to get a saddle in Minecraft

Riding a horse is one of the best feelings in Minecraft. However, it requires you to get a Saddle and here’s how you can make it.



A saddle is definitely a necessity in Minecraft. Place it on a rideable mob and you can roam around comfortably. While there is no way to craft it, there are three ways to obtain it from the open world.

With the help of crafting, Minecraft players can create a wide range of items like Honeycombs, Ender Chests, and Spyglasses. However, this list does not include saddles which explains why they’re so valuable.

You can get a saddle only by searching for it in different terrains, and this guide will cover it all.

Minecraft Horse Saddle

Easiest ways to get a saddle in Minecraft

Killing a Ravager guarantees a saddle

Ravagers in Minecraft drop a saddle when you kill them during raids. They usually start spawning during the third wave of a raid, and attack villagers, players, traders, and iron golems.

However, finding and killing a Ravager is not an easy task. Make sure that you have the best armor equipped before fighting them and during the fight, maintain proper distance to avoid their lethal attacks.

Ravager mob Minecraft

Chest drops from Dungeons, Nether Fortresses, and Desert Temples have saddles

The main source of getting a saddle in Minecraft is chests. In Java as well as Bedrock editions, Treasure Chests from these locations can contain a saddle:

  • Dungeons
  • Bastion Remnants
  • Desert Temples
  • End cities
  • Jungle temples
  • Nether Fortresses
  • Strongholds
  • Villages

However, the odds of getting a saddle from a Treasure Chest are much higher in Dungeons (28%), Nether Fortresses (35.3% chance), and Desert Temples (24%).

Here’s how you can find these places in Minecraft:


Dungeons in Minecraft are underground and are always connected to a cave tunnel network. Accordingly, you can search for them by discovering other underground places such as Ravines, Mineshafts, and Caves. There’s a high possibility you’ll end up in a Dungeon after some time exploring underground.

Dungeons usually contain two chests and a mob spawner. You can expect to get a Saddle from these chests, and putting a torch on the mob spawner should stop them from springing out to attack you.

You can dig down until you discover a cave, but make sure that you don’t fall to your death.

Minecraft Dungeon

Nether Fortresses

After accessing the Nether, visit the fortresses and the chests inside might drop a Saddle. To enter the Nether, you naturally need a Nether Portal which can be crafted with Obisidian.

Nether Fortress Minecraft

Desert Temples

Desert Temples spawn in the Desert and they have a secret room with four chests that can drop Saddles. Finding them is primarily a matter of luck as you need to search around the Desert biomes.

Some tips to find a Desert Temple quickly are:

  • Climb a mountain and lower your FOV which provides a zoomed vision.
  • Use the /locate command to find the nearest Desert village. Temples generally spawn near them.
Desert Temple in Minecraft

It is worth noting that chests in a Desert temple are surrounded by a TNT trap. Stepping on it can be lethal and could significantly harm your progress.

Fish to get a Saddle in Minecraft

The final method to get a Saddle in Minecraft is fishing. However, there is a less than 1% chance of obtaining the item through this practice, and we do not suggest it unless you’re confident about your luck.

To increase the odds of getting a Saddle through fishing, use an Enchanted fishing rod.

Getting a Saddle in Minecraft opens up countless opportunities to ride pigs, horses, and striders. Since we’re on the topic, do check our guide on how to tame a Horse in Minecraft.

Image Credits: Mojang