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How to make a torch in Minecraft

Torches have a wide range of uses in Minecraft, and here’s how you can craft your own torch with stick and coal.



Torches in Minecraft

Torches emit light in Minecraft and are extremely beneficial during exploration and while setting up a base. Here’s a simple guide to making a torch in Minecraft.

As players progress in Minecraft, they are introduced to a ton of complex mechanics and items. However, some items like torches are equally essential for beginners as well as veterans.

From stopping mob spawning to building staircases, torches can directly and indirectly help with a ton of things.

It’s never too early to make a torch, and here’s how to make one in Minecraft.

Colored torches in Minecraft

How to craft a torch in Minecraft

You need a stick and some coal/charcoal to make a torch in Minecraft. To mine coal from natural resources, you also need a pickaxe and we’ll teach you how to get all these ingredients.

How to make a pickaxe in Minecraft

You can make a pickaxe in Minecraft with two wooden sticks and three iron ingots. Making a stick is quite easy, as you only need to add wooden planks to a crafting table or the default crafting grid (2×2) and it’ll drop sticks.

Iron ingot in Minecraft can be naturally obtained from Shipwreck treasures and buried treasures but it is better to make your own by smelting iron ore in a furnace (made from Cobblestone).

Iron ore is found in abundance in the Overworld and here’s the crafting recipe for a furnace:

Crafting recipe to make furnace from Cobblestone in Minecraft

After collecting iron ingots and sticks, use this crafting recipe to make a pickaxe:

Crafting recipe to make Pickaxe in Minecraft

How to get coal or charcoal in Minecraft

Coal is naturally generated as an ore in the following places in Minecraft:

  • Y=95 and Y=135 levels (you can check the level on the debug screen by pressing F3 on keyboard).
  • Stone biomes
  • Dungeons – 26% chance
  • Mineshafts – 27% chance
  • Igloos – 70% chance
  • Shipwrecks – 37% chance
  • Strongholds – 34% chance
  • Underwater ruins – 81%
  • Villages – 40% chance
  • Woodland mansions – 26% chance
  • Ancient cities – 46% chance

Mining coal ore with a pickaxe should drop 1 piece of coal. You can increase this output with the Fortune enchantment.

Charcoal is another fuel that you can use on torches. Simply smelt logs or wood in a furnace to get charcoal.

Crafting recipe for torches in Minecraft

After collecting sticks and coal/charcoal, just add a stick and a piece of coal to a crafting grid in this manner:

Crafting recipe for torches in Minecraft

By following this guide, you should never run out of torches in Minecraft. You can directly use them or create lanterns that are an even better source of light.

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Image Credits: Mojang