10 best Minecraft texture packs in 2023

RTX texture pack in Minecraft.Mojang

Minecraft is often referred to as one of the best games of all time. However, one area where it lacks precedence is graphical fidelity. Thankfully, players can overhaul Minecraft’s visuals by using mods like texture packs. Check out this list of the 10 best Minecraft texture packs in 2023.

Minecraft has one of the biggest worlds in all of gaming and is divided into three different dimensions. This gives players tons of opportunities to explore and seek out new aspects of the game, like mobs, structures, biomes, and treasure items.

While the game is quite popular in most aspects, its visuals are visibly outdated after more than a decade. Players who desperately want their favorite game to meet the latest graphics standards commonly use texture packs to overhaul Minecraft’s vanilla state.

Many texture packs boost FPS and increase optimization, while others focus on improving the overall look of animals, the environment, and several other details.

On that note, here’s a list of the best Minecraft texture packs.

Realism Mats texture pack for MinecraftMojang
Texture packs add realism to Minecraft.

Best Minecraft texture packs

10. Wings

As the name suggests, the Wings texture pack adds several Elytra patterns to Minecraft. Flying around your Overworld is one of the most enjoyable things in the end game and this texture pack further improves the experience.

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From Terraria and Bat to Dragon and Butterfly, there are over 20 themes in the Wings texture pack and you won’t get bored of it easily.

Wings texture pack for MinecraftKeepMeow
Wings adds unique Elytra variants in Minecraft.

9. Autumn Pack

Autumn Pack is the perfect texture pack for Minecraft players who love Autumn. There are many subtle changes like the color of the leaves (they are orange, yellow, and red), the texture of the grass, and the color of the Golden Apples.

Moreover, you’ll witness some spooky elements after installing the Autumn texture pack in Minecraft. These include new faces for carved pumpkins and treat baskets replacing bowls.

Autumn texture pack for MinecraftInnerToast
The Autumn texture pack brings fall to Minecraft.

8. Brickcraft PBR

If you’re a fan of Lego, Brickcraft PBR is a must-try Minecraft texture pack. Unlike several other packs on this list, this texture pack is a massive shift from the Vanilla version and you’ll witness new textures in blocks, mobs, audio, models, GUI, and fonts.

It is unlikely that you’ll find a more detailed and complex texture pack for Minecraft than this.

Brickcraft texture pack for MinecraftAlex Testria
Brickcraft brings Lego to Minecraft.

7. Recreated Villagers

The Recreated Villagers texture pack in Minecraft not only improves the appearance of Villagers but also adds 3D details to make their professions more evident. This is undoubtedly a great quality-of-life upgrade that even the developers can think of bringing officially.

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Because villagers are so important for progression in Minecraft, you’ll constantly notice the visual changes made by this texture pack, and identifying different types of villagers will be easier than ever.

Recreated Villagers texture pack for MinecraftHakks
Recreated Villagers does exactly what it says – it rebuilds and makes villagers better.

6. Realism Mats

If you want Minecraft to look as realistic as possible, installing the Realism Mats texture pack is a no-brainer. Although this is a paid pack, it is arguably the best in terms of providing authenticity to your pixelated Overworld.

The Realism Mats texture pack also supports ray tracing and like Brickcraft, it doesn’t overlook any in-game elements. Everything you come across after installing this pack will have better textures but make sure that your device is powerful enough to handle such high-end resolutions.

Realism Mats texture pack for MinecraftAmine Kaddari
Realism Mats overhauls all textures in the game to make them look insanely realistic.

5. Bare Bones

With over two million downloads, Bare Bones is definitely one of the most popular Minecraft texture packs ever. It tries to replicate the smooth visuals of official trailers and does so without making the game laggy.

Bare Bones significantly simplifies the pixelated world of Minecraft and isn’t a huge leap from the Vanilla version. This pack has been around for years and has survived the competition with constant updates. Even in 2023, Bare Bones is irreplaceable as one of the best Minecraft texture packs.

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Bare Bones texture pack for Minecraftrobotpant
The Bare Bones texture pack is quite nostalgic.

4. Better Vanilla Building

Looking for a Minecraft texture pack that mainly improves the existing textures and doesn’t add anything complex? Look no further as Better Vanilla Building does exactly that. You won’t see an overhaul of the graphics, but at the same time, the game will have biome-dependent textures, connected textures, and new armor and tools.

Better Vanilla Building has everything that you’d expect from a texture pack and it keeps getting better with regular updates.

Vanilla Better Building texture pack for Minecraftstefanj2_
Better Vanilla Building improves several existing Minecraft features.

3. Jicklus

Jicklus texture pack for Minecraft has been prominent among players for years because it strikes the perfect balance between Vanilla and rustic themes. It is the epitome of simplistic texture packs and proves that sharp details can be equally helpful in improving the visual quality of a game.

Apart from rustic blocks, you’ll get some mob reskins with the Jicklus texture pack. Users have heavily appreciated these reskins as they make the mobs more adorable.

Jicklus texture pack for MinecraftJicklus
The Jicklus texture pack provides reskins for several existing textures in vanilla Minecraft.

2. John Smith Legacy

Thanks to regular updates, John Smith Legacy is still one of the best Minecraft texture packs out there. It is once again a simplistic pack that adds a ton of modest details like connected block textures, rustic color themes, and smoother colors.

Building structures becomes a lot more fun with the John Smith Legacy texture pack. At the time of writing, you can get the original as well as its spin-off called JimStone Craft edition. The latter uses smoother textures and is simply an updated version of the texture pack by John Smith.

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John Smith Legacy texture pack for MinecraftJohn Smith, Jim Stone
The John Smith Legacy texture pack brings some rustic textures to Minecraft.

1. Sapixcraft

The Sapixcraft texture pack adds HD textures to Minecraft but doesn’t affect the Vanilla theme drastically. From leaves to blocks, every element has a more detailed and cartoony appearance.

Despite the overwhelming amount of changes, Sapixcraft keeps the gameplay experience clean. Moreover, the developers constantly update it with better textures and custom skins.

Sapixcraft texture pack for Minecraftyenzminnaert
Sapixcraft adds high-definition textures to Minecraft without compromising its vanilla feel.

You can get a wide range of resolution options with Sapixcraft that start from 16x and go up to 512x. For all these reasons, we believe that Sapixcraft provides users with the best of both worlds and is the best Minecraft texture pack.

How to download and install texture packs in Minecraft

Follow these steps to use your favorite texture packs in Minecraft:

  1. Download the desired texture pack from the links above.
  2. Launch the Minecraft Launcher and run the latest stable version.
  3. From the main menu, select Options > Resource Packs > Open Pack Folder.
  4. Browse and add the texture packs you’ve downloaded.
  5. Make sure to rearrange the addons in the correct order.
  6. Click on Done and the textures should apply.

Do note that most texture packs on this list will require you to first download a mod called Optifine. Hence, properly research the compatibility settings of the packs before downloading.

Well, these were the best texture packs in Minecraft, and we hope you were able to find the one that best suits your needs. For more content on the sandbox title, check out our guides below:

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