Minecraft Mob Vote explained

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Minecraft Mob Vote.

The Minecraft developers, Mojang, celebrate a yearly vote in the community to select which new mob will be added to the game’s next update, and here’s all you need to know about it.

Minecraft has one of the biggest communities in gaming, and its developers know how to engage with it in a way that they feel part of the game. Mojang holds a yearly vote, where players help choose some of the content for the next game update.

So, here’s all you need to know about Minecraft’s Mob Vote, including how to vote, and the new mobs added in 2023.


What is Minecraft Mob Vote?

Minecraft’s Mob Vote is a community event led by Mojang, the game’s developers, where they ask the community in a public vote which mob should be added in the next update.

All Minecraft players get to vote for their favorite mob, and the winners get announced during the Minecraft Live stream.

How to vote in Minecraft’s Mob Vote

To vote for your favorite mob in the Minecraft Mob Vote, players need to wait until the next Mob Vote gets announced, and once the ballot is open, visit a special Bedrock world in the game and select their choice.

Minecraft Mob Vote 2023 new mobs.
A penguin, an armadillo, and a crab were Minecraft’s Mob Vote 2023 contestants.

Minecraft 2023 new mobs & Mob Vote winner

The new mobs designed by Mojang were presented in October 2023, kicking off the Mob Vote for that year. The new mobs presented were a Penguin, an armadillo, and a crab.

Each mob had special gameplay effects, so players had to choose not only based on style but also resourcefulness:

  • The penguin can make the players’ boat move faster through the water if tamed and put to swim beside the boat.
  • The armadillo turns into a block when approached, and can be killed to farm an item called “Scute,” which could be used to craft a special armor for the players’ wolf.
  • The crab helps the player by placing blocks further away.

Finally, the winner of the Minecraft 2023 Mob Vote was the Armadillo, whose special effect captivated the community as it would be the first time Minecraft had this wolf armor feature implemented in the game.

We’ll be sure to update this guide once we know when the next Minecraft Mob Vote will take place, and which are the new mobs to vote for.

And that is all you need to know about the Minecraft Mob Vote and its 2023 winner! For more on the block-based world, check out the rest of our content:

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