Honkai Star Rail 2.4 release date, banners & events

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Honkai Star Rail 2.4 artwork

HoYoverse are hard at work bringing big updates to Honkai Star Rail regularly, and after a storyline full of twists and turns, players are getting ready to meet new characters in update 2.4: Finest Duel Under the Pristine Blue.

The new story will take us back to the Xianzhou Alliance, where players will explore new areas and face new enemies. There’ll also be a new free character to unlock thanks to a special event.

So, here’s everything new coming with the Honkai Star Rail version 2.4 update.

HSR 2.4 release date

Version 2.4 of Honkai Star Rail will arrive on July 31, 2024, right after Jade‘s banner ends.

This was confirmed by the devs and is based on the game’s fixed cycle of a new banner every three weeks. If the devs run into issues and need to delay the new update, we’ll let you know.

Yunli character card in Honkai Star Rail
Yunli will debut in HSR 2.4.

Honkai Star Rail 2.4 banners

Yunli and Jiaoqiu will headline the 2.4 banners, and here’s what the two phases will look like:

Phase One | July 31 – August 21

  • Yunli – Five-star | Physical | The Destruction
    • Hanya – Four-star | Physical | The Harmony
    • Yukong – Four-star | Imaginary | The Harmony
    • Lynx – Four-star | Quantum | The Abundance
  • HuoHuo – Five-star | Wind | The Abundance
    • Hanya – Four-star | Physical | The Harmony
    • Yukong – Four-star | Imaginary | The Harmony
    • Lynx – Four-star | Quantum | The Abundance

Phase Two | August 21 – September 11

  • Jiaoqiu – Five-star | Fire | The Nihility
    • Hook – Four-star | Fire | The Destruction
    • Guinaifen – Four-star | Fire | The Nihility
    • Arlan – Four-star | Lightning | The Destruction
  • Sparkle – Five-star | Quantum | The Harmony
    • Hook – Four-star | Fire | The Destruction
    • Guinaifen – Four-star | Fire | The Nihility
    • Arlan – Four-star | Lightning | The Destruction

Imaginary March 7th debut in Honkai Star Rail

March 7th is finally getting a new costume with the 2.4 update, which means she’ll get brand-new abilities as well.

An event titled Saga of Primaveral Blade will see March become Yanqing and Yunli’s apprentice in the art of the sword. This will unlock a new Hunt version of the Imaginary element.

While Hunt characters usually focus on dealing damage to single-target enemies, March 7th will bring some freshness to the role. You can check out everything we know so far about the unit in our Imaginary March 7th guide that includes Ascension materials and Eidolons.

March 7th in Honkai Star Rail
Imaginary March 7th is a four-star unit.

2.4 Light Cones

Honkai Star Rail will add new characters alongside their signature Light Cones, and their descriptions and effects leaked, so here is what to expect:

Poised to Bloom | Four-star | The Harmony

Increases the wearer’s ATK by 16%. Upon entering the battle, if there are two or more allies in the team who follow the same Path, these characters’ CRIT DMG increases by 16%. Abilities of the same type cannot stack.

March 7th won’t be able to use her new Light Cone, but it’s an interesting four-star addition for support characters. Not many look to enhance their ATK, but for Nihility teams, it could work very well.

Dance at Sunset | Five-star | The Destruction

Greatly increases the odds that the wearer will be attacked, increases the wearer’s CRIT DMG by 36%. After the wearer uses their Ultimate, they receive one stack of Firedance, lasting for two turns and up to two stacks. Each stack of Firedance increases the DMG dealt by the wearer’s follow-up attack by 36%.

While Yunli’s signature Light Cone is made for her, it can also work with other Destruction characters, like Clara or Blade, who also benefit from taking DMG and have powerful follow-up attacks.

Those Many Springs | Five-star | The Nihility

Increases the wearer’s Effect Hit Rate by 60%. If the target is not under the Unarmored effect dealt by the wearer, when the wearer uses a Basic ATK, Skill, or Ultimate on enemy targets, there is a chance to inflict Unarmored to the enemy. Under the Unarmored state, the target enemy’s DMG received is increased by 10% for two turns.

When the wearer deals DMG to an enemy with the Unarmored effect inflicted by themselves, there is a chance to escalate into the Cornered state, which increases the target enemy’s DMG received by 18%.

Jiaoqiu’s Light Cone looks extremely powerful for Nihility units. It adds a new effect to the wearer’s abilities, giving them the chance to apply more DoT with each new attack.

Jiaoqiu's character card in Honkai Star Rail
Jiaoqiu shares some similarities with Guinaifen.

Honkai Star Rail 2.4 events

Honkai Star Rail players will be able to enjoy a new edition of Gift of Odyssey to get 10 Star Rail Special Passes to pull for one of the featured characters. That’s not all, as players can expect many more events with update 2.4:

Saga of Primaveral Blade

While players will be able to unlock Imaginary March 7th by playing the main story, this event will reward them with her Eidolons to unlock passive abilities and better stats.

Trailblaze: Friendship is Magic!

Players will team up with Trashcans to face tough challenges with unique modifiers in this new event that rewards useful items and resources to level up characters and Light Cones.

Operation Memoria Snapshot

This event will take you back to Herta Space Station to help yet another researcher with their project. This time, you’ll need to take pictures to get all the rewards.

Lastly, the Planar Fissure and Garden of Plenty events will be back with doubled rewards for players tackling the Simulated Universe and different Calyxes, respectively.

While you wait for Honkai Star Rail version 2.4, make sure to redeem all currently active codes to get Stellar Jade. And don’t forget to check out everything we know so far about Feixiao, Lingsha, and Moze, characters coming in version 2.5.

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