Honkai Star Rail Lingsha: Leaks & everything we know

Ezequiel Leis
Lingsha in Honkai Star Rail

Here’s everything we know so far about Lingsha, a new Honkai Star Rail character coming soon to the hit RPG.

The Penacony storyline is reaching its end in Honkai Star Rail, but many players are already thinking about what’s coming next in HoYoverse’s RPG.

So, here’s everything we know about Lingsha, a new HSR character teased by the devs.

Who is Lingsha in Honkai Star Rail?

Lingsha is the new Cauldron Master of the Xianzhou Luofu’s Alchemy Commission in Honkai Star Rail. She’ll participate in the Wardance event held in the Xianzhou Luofu that’s coming with update 2.4.

Leaks suggest that Lingsha is similar to Nuwa/Fuxi from Honkai Impact 3rd and she has a lantern as a weapon. HoYoverse revealed her silhouette during June’s Special Program.

Does Lingsha have a release date in Honkai Star Rail?

No, HoYoverse haven’t confirmed Lingsha’s release date in Honkai Star Rail yet. However, leaks suggest she’ll arrive with the 2.5 update that’s set to launch in September 2024.

We’ll make sure to update this section once we know Lingsha’s official release date.

Lingsha leaked abilities in Honkai Star Rail

Lingsha in Honkai Star Rail will be a five-star Fire character in the Path of The Abundance, according to leaks. Abundance units are healers in HSR. Gallagher shares Lingsha’s element and Path but he’s a four-star unit, so players expect better healing capabilities with the new addition.

While it’s too early to know Lingsha’s full kit, leakers revealed she’ll have some kind of summon similar to Numby and Topaz. This summon will be part of her Skill and will have its own SPD and turn in the fight.

Do note that all this information comes from leaks, so details might change as we approach Lingsha’s release in the game. We’ll make sure to update this article once new information becomes available.

In the meantime, you can check more Honkai Star Rail content with our build guides for Boothill, RobinAventurine, and Acheron.

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