Does The Finals Open Beta progress carry over to full game?

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The Finals is finally here, surprising millions of fans around the world with its launch. So, if you’re wondering whether the progress earned during the Open Beta period carried over to The Finals full release, here’s everything you need to know.

The Finals Open Beta opened the arena to over seven million players worldwide, overtaking many titles like Call of Duty on Steam. The latest shooter developed by Embark Studios features several builds, allowing players to further customize their loadouts.

The FPS title has found success, largely due to its high-octane and chaotic gameplay, along with surprise content updates from the devs. However, after the Open Beta came to an end on November 6, many in the community started wondering if they’d have to start progressing and unlocking everything from scratch upon full release.

With that said, here’s all you need to know about The Finals Open Beta progress carrying over to the full game, including the permanent rewards that have carried over into the full release.

Does progress from The Finals Open Beta carry to the full game?

No, the levels or progress you made during the Finals Open Beta doesn’t carry over to the full game. Once you launch The Finals, you’ll see your level reset to 1, with “0 hours playtime.”

However, the devs confirmed that cosmetic rewards will carry over from The Finals beta to the full game. This means that any of the items earned from the Battle Pass or bought from the store are permanent and will be under the Style section, accessible while editing your Contestant.

The Stickers handed out for reaching each League in Ranked Tournament also carried over.

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The Finals Season 1 Battle Pass brings a plethora of new rewards.

All The Finals Open Beta Battle Pass permanent rewards

Here are all of the permanent rewards for The Finals Open Beta Battle Pass in order of their unlock level, that are available after the full launch:

  1. Ospuze Pourin’ – Legendary Weapon Skin
  2. Ospuze Pull Tab – Rare Weapon Charm
  3. Ospuze Bold – Epic Sticker
  4. Ospuze Nama Tama – Rare Spray
  5. Ospuze Poppin’ – Legendary Weapon Skin
  6. Bobtail Bandit – Rare Sticker
  7. Ospuze Quench – Rare Weapon Charm
  8. Ospuze Performin’ – Legendary Weapon Skin
  9. Spill Proof – Epic Emote
  10. Ospuze Pyro Pint – Rare Weapon Skin
  11. Ospuze Billboard – Rare Spray
  12. Ospuze Grip – Rare Wrist
  13. Ospuze Pro Juice – Rare Weapon Charm
  14. Octopuze – Rare Sticker
  15. Ospuze Ob Six Pack – Rare Lower Back
  16. Ospuze Ob-Structure – Epic Outfit

The final reward (Level 16), the Ospuze Ob-Structor Epic Outfit, was a “limited edition outfit” that was exclusive to those who reached the final BP level in the Open Beta.

The possible reason to not carry over the progress might be to even the playing field during the full launch, ensuring that those who took part in the Open Beta don’t have an advantage over new players with more powerful weapons and unlocks.

That was everything you need to know about The Finals Open Beta progress carrying over to the full game. For more on the Finals, check out our other guides:

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