The Finals: How to turn off crossplay

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The Finals saw a stealth launch and players around the world can now dive into one of the most anticipated FPS titles in 2023. If you’re looking to play it with your friends or simply queue into the same platform lobbies, here’s how to enable and disable crossplay in The Finals.

The Finals went live on December 7, soon after its Season 1 trailer was showcased at The Game Awards. Embark Studios’ latest shooter enables you to run various builds, equipped with a wide range of weapons, skins, and more.

The Open Beta for the title saw over 7.5 million players dive into its servers, allowing it to climb up the Steam Charts and move past Call of Duty. With the game available on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, The Finals also features crossplay.

So, if you’re wondering how to enable and disable crossplay in The Finals, here are a few easy steps that’ll help you do so.

How to turn off crossplay in The Finals on PlayStation, Xbox & PC

The Finals Gameplay settings menu
Crossplay can be turned off quickly in The Finals.

To turn off crossplay in The Finals, simply head to Settings, then the Gameplay tab, and you’ll see the toggle to turn it off under Network. Crossplay is enabled by default in The Finals, allowing you to enter matchmaking with players on different platforms.

If you change your mind down the line or have a friend on PC that you want to join on The Finals, don’t worry. Crossplay can be turned back on at any time by repeating the above steps and toggling the setting on towards the end.

So there you have it! That’s all you need to know to disable crossplay in The Finals. For more content on The Finals, make sure to check out the following:

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