The Finals: Best melee builds for Light, Medium & Heavy Contestants

Nikhil Bahuguna
The Finals character with daggers

The Finals features interesting weaponry with the possibility to create multiple builds. Here are the best melee builds for Light, Medium, and Heavy Contestants in The Finals, including the best Gadgets and Specialization.

The Finals is in full swing, this new FPS from Embark Studios allows players to compete in teams to gather the most money possible in a few rounds. Also, this game has plenty of weapons, along with the ability to create Light, Medium, and Heavy builds.

However, if you’re looking to outclass your opponents using just a melee weapon, you’ll need to adjust your builds accordingly. With that in mind, here are the best melee builds for Light, Medium, and Heavy Contestants in The Finals, that’ll help you inflict damage without firing a shot.

The Finals: Best melee loadout for Light build

  • Weapon: Sword
  • Gadgets: Flashbang, Stun Gun, Smoke Grenade
  • Specialization: Grappling Hook

To start the best Light build for melee-only in The Finals, equip the Sword that can finish off enemies with just a few attacks at close range.

Next, the Grappling Hook is a must, as it enables you to scale structures, swing through buildings, and quickly escape. The ability works the same way as Apex Legends Pathfinder’s ability and boosts the already impressive mobility for Light builds in the game.

Finally, the Flashbang, Stun Gun, and Smoke Grenade Gadgets will help you blind and immobilize enemies and also cut off their line of sight.

the finals character with logo in the back
The Finals had left Call of Duty behind during its Open Beta period.

Alternative Melee loadout for Light build in The Finals

You can also rock another melee-only Light build in The Finals that’ll help you maintain stealth:

  • Weapon: Dagger
  • Gadgets: Flashbang, Stun Gun, Smoke Grenade
  • Specialization: Cloaking Device

Light Contestants have another choice of melee weapon in The Finals, in the form of a Dagger. While its damage is a bit lower compared to the Sword, it has a higher attack speed and also allows players to backstab and eliminate enemies with a single hit.

Then, we’re sticking to the same Gadgets as above for this loadout as well. Finally, the Cloaking Device Specialization will give you a rechargeable cloak, making it hard for you to be seen while moving and invisible while standing still.

The Finals: Best melee loadout for Medium build

  • Weapon: Riot Shield
  • Gadgets: Jump Pad, Flashbang, Sonar Grenade
  • Specialization: Recon Senses

There’s only one melee weapon available for the Medium build in The Finals, which is the Riot Shield. As the name suggests, it’s a shield that can also be used as a melee and deals impressive damage with a slow attack speed.

Then, we’ve gone with Gadgets like the Jump Pad, Flashbang, and Sonar Grenade that enable you to jump across areas, blind, and track your enemies through walls. Recon Senses also allows players to see the enemies through structures, an ideal addition to the loadout for sneaky plays with the melee.

the heavy build contestant in The Finals
The Heavy build in the Finals has a lot of HP.

The Finals: Best melee loadout for Heavy build

  • Weapon: Sledgehammer
  • Gadgets: Barricade, Flashbang, Goo Grenade
  • Specialization: Charge ‘N’ Slam

The Finals Heavy build’s melee weapon, Sledgehammer, dishes out tremendous damage but has a slow attack speed. The Heavy Contestant also has a slow movement speed but higher HP as compared to the other classes, so it’s important to equip the Charge ‘N’ Slam Specialization to close the distance between you and the enemies.

For the Gadgets, you can equip the Barricade, Flashbang, and Goo Grenade to defend yourself and blind the enemies for a few seconds.

The goal with all the melee-only builds in The Finals is to avoid using guns or abilities that allow for gun deployment like Heavy’s RPG-7 Gadget or Guardian Turret Specialization that comes with Medium Contestant.

Which melee build is best in The Finals?

When it comes to running melee-only builds in The Finals, picking the Light build is the best choice. Light Contestants are exceptionally fast, albeit with low HP, and can be equipped with stealth and evasive Specializations.

Additionally, the Dagger allows for a one-hit kill while backstabbing, enabling players to rack up multiple kills while equipping a melee-only loadout.

So there you have it! That’s all you need to know to start using the melee builds in The Finals. For more content on the game, make sure to check the following:

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