Best Valorant controller settings for PS5 & Xbox Series X|S beta

Aryan Singh
Focus mode aiming in Valorant console

The Valorant console beta lets players try out the tactical shooter using a controller for the first time. Whether you’re a PC player transitioning to controller, or a console player checking out the game for the first time, here are the best Valorant controller settings to use.

After years of PC exclusivity, Valorant is now available on consoles, albeit through a closed beta. Like any tactical shooter, the game is all about aim and crosshair placement, mixed in with Agent abilities that keep the action dynamic. To give yourself the best chance of dominating matches, you’ll need to find the controller settings best suited for you.

On that note, here are our suggestions for the best controller settings in the Valorant console beta.

Valorant console beta: Best controller settings for PS5 and Xbox Series XIS

The best controller settings for the Valorant console beta line up with the Traditional preset found in the game. Here are all the settings:

Action PS5 Controller buttonXbox controller button
Focus/Sniper Scope (Hold)L2LT
Ability 1L1LB
Ability 2R1RB
Ability 3R3RS
Equip MeleeL3LS
Comm Wheel/PingD-Pad UpD-Pad Up
Drop Equipped ItemD-Pad LeftD-Pad Left
Plant/Defuse/Equip SpikeD-Pad DownD-Pad Down
Inspect/Open Spray Wheel (Hold)D-Pad RightD-Pad Right
Equip SecondaryTriangleY
Crouch (Toggle)CircleB
Valorant console Traditional controller settings

Having your abilities mapped to the bumpers makes them nice and easy to get to. Considering how important switching to Melee is for movement, having it set to the left stick is ideal since you’ll be using the stick for directional input as well.

The Traditional preset also offers the best way to try out the Valorant console exclusive ‘Focus’ shooting mode. It’s intended as an alternative to traditional hip-firing, allowing players on controller to enter an aim mode with reduced sensitivity.

Best alternative controller settings for Valorant console beta

If the Traditional preset isn’t to your liking, it’s worth checking out these alternate settings in the Valorant console beta:


As the name suggests, the Fighter preset is suited for Duelists. The crouch and jump actions are mapped to the bumpers while Focus and fire are set to the triggers. This allows you have to better maneuverability during gunfights, making it especially useful if you tend to crouch to control recoil.

The ability settings might take a while to get used to, but the present remains worth it if you main Agents like Reyna and Raze.


The Tactician preset switches things around by mapping aim and fire to the bumpers while Ability 2 is set to the right trigger with crouch on the left trigger. Other abilities can be found on the right-side buttons, making this preset ideal for players using Controllers or Sentinels.

Since you’ll be controlling the flow of each round and finding openings for your teams, having easy access to Agent abilities is a must. This preset offers exactly that while keeping the aim and fire buttons at a comfortable spot.

Best sensitivity settings for Valorant console beta

Our suggestions for the best sensitivity settings take into account the Focus aim feature on consoles since toggling the mode will automatically drop your sensitivity in favor of more precision. Check them out below:

  • Base Horizontal Sensitivity – 5
  • Base Vertical Sensitivity – 5
  • Focus Horizontal Sensitivity – 20
  • Focus Vertical Sensitivity – 20
  • ADS Horizontal Sensitivity – 5
  • ADS Vertical Sensitivity – 5
  • Sniper Horizontal Sensitivity – 5
  • Sniper Vertical Sensitivity – 5
  • Base Aim Curve – Light
  • Focus Aim Curve – Light
  • ADS Aim Curve – Light
  • Sniper Aim Curve – Light

If these settings don’t work out for you, head to the Shooting Range and test out your aim. Keep tweaking the sensitivity toggle and eventually, you’ll land on something you’re comfortable with.

Best advanced settings for Valorant console beta

These Valorant console settings aren’t linked to aiming or input binds, but they’re certainly worth enabling:

  • Walk While in Focus – Off
  • Vibration – Off
  • Left/Right Trigger Deadzone – 0.01
Advanced settings in Valorant console
Turning off Vibration is a must.

Turn off Walk While in Focus lets you move quicker in this aim mode. Coupled with our sensitivity settings, you should find your aim to be just as precise. Since speed plays crucial in gunfights, having the Trigger Deadzones as low as possible will help you fire off bullets with minimal delay.

Those were the best controller settings for the Valorant console beta. To help improve your aim, make sure to use one of the best crosshairs in the game along with the best Agents to keep with the meta.

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