This Warzone Optic is the perfect counter for sweaty lobbies

Joseph Pascoulis
fss spectre microtherm optic on mcw in warzone and mw3

An underused Optic in Warzone is actually one of the best to use to deal with sweaty players, especially if you’re sick of running into smokes.

There are so many Optics to choose from in Warzone it can be hard to decide on one. Depending on the weapon and range you’re going for, you’ll generally choose something you’re familiar with, as there only tends to be a handful of commonly selected Optics.

That said, one Optic, in particular, is being slept on, and I’ve found great success in using it for Warzone matches, as it deals with enemy Operators using Smoke Grenades and the Shrouded Perk. The FSS Spectre Microtherm Optic highlights enemies using their heat signature, giving you a precise picture of where they are.

On the MCW, this Optic is an absolute beast, as while using the attachments in our best loadout for the MCW Assault Rifle I found myself deleting enemies trying to escape lines of sight using smokes, as they don’t expect a thermal Optic.

Smoke Grenades have become a vital component of many Warzone loadouts, mostly thanks to their versatility in both defensive and offensive plays. They offer cover where there is none, but not if you run a Thermal Optic like the FFS Spectre Microtherm, which is a perfect Option for your longer-ranged loadouts.

The sight is nice and clear, and it’s a great alternative for loadouts that you like to use 1x zooms on, as it isn’t a long-range Optic.

Popular Warzone YouTuber Metaphor also shared his thoughts on the FSS Microtherm in his April 22 video, calling it “absolutely crazy” as he managed to drop whole squads with the scope thanks to its ability to see through smoke.

As he said in his video, “sweats like to make smoke plays,” so it’s the best Optic to use to counter those tougher lobbies where players aren’t running Cold Blooded, as sweaty players tend to opt for the more meta Perks in the game.

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