MW3 Get High mode features hidden Easter egg that’s easy to miss

Nathan Warby
Get High map in MW3

Modern Warfare 3 players have been enjoying the Get High parkour mode during the Blaze Up event, but there’s a hidden Easter egg tucked away at the end of the course that most have missed.

MW3’s Get High mode has been a popular addition to the game during the Blaze Up event, giving players a break from the twitchy action of regular matches in favor of a more laidback parkour LTM. But, as the 420 event comes to an end in Season 3, a hidden Easter egg has only just been discovered.

As shown by Reddit user ‘HypnotoMan,’ the devs have included a secret area in the latter stages of the course that’s easy to miss. Inside, there’s a dark room containing nothing but a small television set and sofa.

Perched on the sofa is a skeleton, blankly staring at the static on the TV. Although the scene can’t be interacted with, Get High mode turns all bullets into cigarettes, so players can shoot the bony figure to place one in his hand.

Given that MW3‘s Get High playlist is about completing the course as quickly as possible, it’s no surprise that this Easter egg has gone noticed until now. The entrance is obscured by moving platforms and most players will be focused on reaching the next checkpoint.

It isn’t clear at the time of writing if the skeleton is a reference to something in particular. Some fans speculated that it could be a nod to the Avenged Sevenfold song ‘Nobody,’ as its music video starts with a man sitting in a chair before his skeleton leaves his body.

The band has a long history with the Call of Duty series after they released multiple songs to be used in Zombies maps, and vocalist M. Shadows even appeared in BO4’s Blackout mode as a playable character.

However, there is no confirmation just yet on whether this is actually an Avenged Sevenfold reference or just a funny Easter egg for players to find that isn’t tied to anything.

The Modern Warfare 3 Get High mode is no longer available in multiplayer, as the Blaze Up event comes to an end, but fans will be hoping it returns so they can see this secret area for themselves. Only time will tell if the mode makes a comeback in Season 3 Reloaded or Season 4.